Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Last week Julia Gillard said "The Party with the greatest percentage of the two-party preferred vote should have first crack at forming the new government".

Understandable with Labor then leading the Coalition 51% to 49%.

Right now the Australian Electoral Commission is reporting that the Coalition is ahead of Labor in the two-party preferred vote 50.01% to 49.99%. The Coalition also leads Labor by 619,000 in the primary vote.

I guess Ms Gillard will be hoping that the Governor General, with her links to the Labor Party, might be forgiven for ignoring her earlier advice.

Clearly though and even if Labor does manage to cobble together a minority administration it will lack the moral authority to govern.

But who said moral authority was part of the deal?


Anonymous said...

50.01 vs 49.99? There's no moral authority to do anything with a gap that small.

Anonymous said...

The Coalition has the most seats
* a 3-5% swing
* the TPP vote
* a majority in the senate until next July
* and of course 800,000 more primary votes than Labor.

If the Aussie GG wasn't Labour himself, Abbott would have been PM on tuesday last week.

gravedodger said...

Last I heard Aussie GG was a female.

KG said...

Just a rumour, Gravedodger. ;)

Anonymous said...

Should not the Australian Governor-General be of neutral persuasion, or like here, is that just too much to hope for? Of course the Coalition should become government across the ditch, this is just drawn-out and painful, because Gillard won't give up the ghost until forced to.

Anonymous said...

Time for Abbott to put uip a fait a compli, and go the GG to state he's forming a minority govt, if the GG baulks, then go back to the media, and call for a new election

Anonymous said...

if Abbott does form the next govt, can we start calling her Ghoulia Jilted?

The Veteran said...

Anonymous 2.57 ... I don't think either Abbott or Gillard have the numbers just yet.

Looks like the so called Independants' are doing a Peters.

And the AEC have Labor back in front (just) in the TPP vote

Ackers said...

Anonymous is clearly clueless. If Abbott had the numbers he would have formed a Government by now regardless of which way the GG swings.

It really is a dead heat, looks like might depend on which way Wilkie swings, could take Oakeshott with him, or will the 3 Amigos go with Tony?

Who knows?

Will Ken Henry's advice be heeded?

The thing is it doesn't get any clearer the more the negotiations drag on.

Anonymous said...

Nothing will or can be decided until every vote is counted and even then I'd wager on some recounting to be done.
We all have to wait..

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Ackers, for once I agree entirely with you.

I wonder if the GG eventually will appoint Gillard as a caretaker and call for new elections before Christmas. That must be starting to look like a possibility, given the intransigence and obvious flakiness of the independents. If they won't guarantee supply then there is no chance of stability.