Monday, August 30, 2010

The day I stopped watching Cricket

19th March 2007
Some of you may remember me writing this;

"The Pakistan cricket coach has died following calls for his death from typical everyday cricket fans back home in Pakistan. What a thankless task it must have been trying to manage that shower of shit, Drug cheats, sledgers, ball tamperers and all round scum bag islamists.
No doubt the filth that passes for a cricket fan in the Islamic republic/ shithole of Pakistan will be assigning credit for this tragic death to their God.

Bob Woolmer was a fine man, cricketer and cricket coach. He did a fantastic job with South Africa and Warwickshire and was probably in line to replace Norman Stanley as the England coach.
Woolmer dead"

What can you say? Not much more than I said above really.
The ICC will do nothing of course, they never do. Shit, they let them off killing their coach, a front page open and shut case of massive cheating for cash on the front page of the News of the World is nothing compared to MURDER.

I am going to resume watching Cricket, but for one reason only.
My Bucket list.

Have ticked most of them off, in fact there is only two left.
As I am never likely to fluke a double date with Claudia Schiffer and Elle Macpherson I shall have to settle for the five day pass I have for the Boxing Day test in Melbourne this year.

The fact that there will not be any filthy, cheating, murdering scum from Shitistan on the field will make it tolerable.

Any attempts to enter reasoned debate on this thread will be treated with the goggle eyed frothing and hate filled ranting that our older readers may fondly remember.


pdm said...

BB - can you be sure the Poms won't recruit a couple of Paki's to make up the side which is already half full of South Africans plus an Irishman. Plus a coach from Mugabe's Zimbabwe.

It is getting more and more difficut to find a genuine Pom amongst them.

Psycho Milt said...

The question "Are Pakistan's cricketers corrupt?" is certainly right up there with "Do New Zealand's rugby players drink beer?" in the "Uh, duh-uh" stakes.

Anonymous said...

Mohammad Amir who's only 18 years old and legitimately got 6-for in the first innings has fucked his career before it's started.

I say take test status off Pak, and give it to Ireland.


Anonymous said...


When you froth over corrupt Pakistani cricket players, don't forget to include a few Kiwis in there.

I recall NZ using bottletops to scratch the ball and get reverse swing when touring Pakistan in the mid-90's. Fleming was captain. They got the reverse swing, which the Pakistani bowlers had been getting - but they had no proof the Pakistan bowlers had tampered with the ball. But the Kiwis (quietly) admitted doing it - in a bio; Rutherford's I think.

Besides, you're just biased against Pakistan's cricketers cos they're mostly Islamic.

Mohammed Al-Jafer.
Pakistan cricket fan.
P.S. There is so much talent in Pakistan, any banned players will easily be replaced by better ones. NZ can't do that!

Inventory2 said...

@ Mohamed Al-Jafer - no; BB is biased against Pakistani cricketers because they are proven cheats, and have been for years. Every match that Pakistan has played in the last fifteen years is now open for scrutiny.

BTW - the incident you refer to involved Chris Pringle, and Stephen Fleming was not even in the team then. How else would a cart-horse like Pringle take wickets on a Paki dust-bowl without cheating? IIRC, the umpires sanctioned it, saying "Good, both sides are cheating now"!

Anonymous said...

At last we have a reason to ignore cricket other than its boring.

WAKE UP said...

I stopped watching after Hanse Cronje.

Not that I watched much BEFORE then either.

Anonymous said...

I think you two have cricket confused with netball. No there's a shit game.


Anonymous said...

netball a game designed by othopaedic surgeons to generate more operations, and watched by people as an attempt to cure themselves of insomnia