Thursday, August 12, 2010

Catch 22

I wonder how much his brainless wife's $375k vacation has had to do with this?



Don't forget the failure of Obamanomics, the Arizona immigration issue, ramming through Obamacare, and a whole host of other things.
But yes Adolf, Marie Antoinette can take her share of the credit.


Oh, and I see those clever taiwanese have produced yet another brilliant cartoon on the subject.

Heine said...

Keep up the fine work Mr Obama!

Falafulu Fisi said...

Glenn Beck has got something to say about Obama's book, The Dreams Of My Father:

- Part 1
- Part 2
- Part 3

As Newt Gingrich mentioned on Fox News in recent weeks, that the White House was more afraid of Glen Beck than the Mullahs who are running Iran.

Sarah said...

Wow Gingrich, Faux News aka Murdoch and Glen Beck, surely a triumvirate to be fearful of! Maybe add in Bob the plumber to add even more authority to your argument you utter tool.

Mind you in Glen Becks case he did murder a young girl around the same age of Obama's daughter so you might have a point.

Anonymous said...

Yay Sarah you have graduated to Lefty extrdinaire, you play the man rather than the issues in Question. Well done, have a red star!

CB said...

Tut tut Sarah! If you are going to go on a lefty tirade at least get the plumbers name right. It was Joe, Joe the plumber.

I think you are confusing him with Bob. Bob is a builder.

Budgieboy said...

Sarah if you are going to accuse someone of being a 'tool' you'd best not follow it up by referring to a hoax internet story about Glenn Beck, otherwise, ummm, you might end up looking like a bit like a tool.

Sarah said...

Budgie I'm not sure what sort of drugs your on but its a veritable fact. I bet your also one of these loonies who is also in denial over the fact that Obama was actually born in Kenya, really hates white people and has a direct line to Osama's hiding place.

Wonder if any of the above posters are called Russell and come from Tauranga hmm..

Budgieboy said...


Verify it then!

And Anon @ 2.47 is right... you are developing into quite the little lefty extraordinaire.

Someone calls you on your facts and rather than qualify them you extrapolate out a bunch of false arguments ala Obama’s birthplace racism etc etc.

Brilliant little girl, that’s amazingly intellectual stuff. (Clap Clap Clap)

Straight from the lefty play book but f@&king pathetic all the same.

Now don’t you get cross at me and accuse me of believing Joe Biden has a brain… that would wound me deeply.

Anonymous said...


Verify it then!"

You really are a painfully thick cunt aren't you Budgie.

mawm said...

Anon 5:32

Verify it then!"

You really are a painfully thick cunt aren't you Budgie.

Hmmmm.... Looking at it every way, I must admit I'm flummoxed.

Budgie asked Sarah to verify something she says is veritable. She can't or won't. On this paltry evidence she thinks he believes Obama was born in Kenya, hates whites and talks to Osama....and this makes you think that he is a painfully thick cunt.

Maybe you should get together with Sarah and you might have enough brain power to form a synapse and not have to rely on subtentorial reflexes.

Budgieboy said...

Lefty playbook rule #776

STILL no substance, resort to abuse. (Anon/Sarah whoever you are)

And you do grown up swear words!!!

Four letter words in fact? How appropriate, seems to about match your IQ.

So to summarise, you throw bullshit allegations around without a clue, idiotically try to change the subject and resort to abuse without firing a shot.

What was that you said about a painfully thick cunt?

MAWM I'm a bit confuzed to.

Sarah said...

I'll be kind and explain nicely in simple language what the Glen Beck hoax is all about. It was created as a mockery and parody of his style of argument. The creators of it made it so ridiculous that when used nobody would actually believe it and to fool proof it they even included a disclaimer underneath stating that they were taking the piss.

Hence Budgie and Mawm in asking people to provide evidence that he did murder a 13 year old girl your kinda falling to the trap. But it does show a certain endearing sweet naiviety typical in the elderly which is why I'm being so nice to you. And I'm sure you won't be caught out again chaps.

The Veteran said...

Errrrrrrr Sara ... does this help your paranoia? ...

Internet Hoax Says Glenn Beck Raped, Murdered Young Girl in 1990
Thursday September 3, 2009

A baseless rumor insinuating that Fox News pundit Glenn Beck may be guilty of rape and murder is spreading rapidly online thanks to a loose-knit gang of Internet pranksters whose stated mission is to skewer the bombastic talk show host using his own methods.

Their exploits are chronicled on a two-day-old website,

"This site exists to try and help examine the vicious rumour that Glenn Beck raped and murdered a young girl in 1990," reads a blurb at the top of the home page. "Why won't Glenn Beck deny these allegations?"

Don't miss the fine print at the bottom:

Notice: This site is parody/satire. We assume Glenn Beck did not rape and murder a young girl in 1990, although we haven't yet seen proof that he didn't. But we think Glenn Beck definitely uses tactics like this to spread lies and misinformation.

Regardless whether or not Mr. Beck himself is guilty of using all these tactics, the website is a veritable textbook on how to construct Internet smear campaigns, from uploading spurious documents, to posting video propaganda on YouTube, to spamming Yahoo Answers with leading questions, to ranting disingenously on Craigslist.

mawm said...

Sarah -Mind you in Glen Becks case he did murder a young girl around the same age of Obama's daughter so you might have a point.

I must admit that I can't find any allusion to a hoax in your statement above. In fact it sounds as if you actually believed what you said, and now that you have been caught out, you are back peddling rather quickly.

Typical of left-wing progressives - everything built on untruths repeated mindlessly with the hope that it will 'become' the truth and then resorting to venomous personal attacks if questioned.

that he did murder a 13 year old girl your kinda falling to the trap.

Firstly the word is "you're" as in the abbreviation of "you are" and one surely falls into a trap. Secondly, don't try to be smart, you obviously aren't, and pretend that you set a trap. We were not born yesterday.

Sarah said...

"We were not born yesterday."

Really, kinda ironic given that you had to google 'Glen Beck + murder' to realise I was taking the piss though right?

I guess they are right when they say that middle aged white males are disadvantaged. Poor Mawmy, stick to what your good at and keep using your online dictionary, nothing more impressive to a girl than a grammar cop flexing his muscles on the net.

Bugieboy said...

Mawm you are dealing with a tedious little cretin here.

No idea what the hell it was trying to express here today. Like you I have looked over the exchanges and cannot work out what planet it is from. For some reason it decided to call Falafula a tool for linking to Beck and then it really lost its way from there.

Apparently trying to be clever but not really up to the task.

Anybody who knows much about Beck would be aware of that hoax which is how I alluded to it. I certainly had Goggled it but not today and not for the sake of silly Sarah.

I doubt I would need to consult my colouring book to engage silly Sarah much less the help of Google.

Anyway my Mum tells me I'm not allowed to play with nasty people and given the Sarah is a thick tedious nasty vile little wench (with a potty mouth) I think I shall withdraw - and GOD this is boring.

So in the words of Fox News highest rating cable guy, Bill O’Reilly, let’s give Sarah “the last word.”

Over to you Sazzah - till next time.

OECD rank 22 kiwi said...

So Obama has set himself up for a fall in November. Lame duck President, here we come.


Anonymous said...

El Presidente Obama is learning you can't run a country by means of sonorous speeches coupled to dumb ideas.

The ideas get dumber, the speeches get longer and the country's economy heads for the quadraplegic ward. Chavez and Castro are stellar examples of leaders employing this tactic. The next stage is paranoia and coercion. The American public react very badly to both. There is no immutable law saying they won't or can't have another civil war. It's there now, but just at the cold war stage.


Murray said...

Things I learned from this post and its comments:

1. sarah is a head case.

2. ... actaully that was about it.

Anonymous said...

A wannabe US Republican. How precious. Too much FOX on Sky will dumb you down.
Thirty years ago, when NZ was still influenced by the Paradigm of the Commonwealth you would have been an Anglophile Tory reactionary. New era; US culture is the paradigm and you are an Amerophile Republican reactionary. In twenty years, you will be what, a Sinophile nationalist reactionary? Can you not think for yourself? History is just one big socialist whitewash to you conspiracy nuts.

Muzza said...

Maybe you could try going back to school and take English lessons Murray?

Anonymous said...

All silent on today’s two similar themed headlines, 'ship sinks of NZ coastline' and 'Act silent on deputy leadership debacle?'
Seems there was a mutiny afoot on HMS ACT or was it just that a woman does not fit the middle age white male requirements for leadership. By all accounts, her reactionary credentials are impeccable, so maybe that has to be it.
Well ACT had to go and exhume the spectre of 80's past in the last election. Did they forget Roger's Samsonite destruction of the third Labour Government?
ACT wants to revisit the 80's upon NZ, well here it is and a just reprise at that from Roger, founder and founderer.
It seems Populist (and with 3.5% of the vote, I use that term loosely) Rodney held in a closet-ed meeting with the four other members of his caucus and with the clear and overwhelming margin of 20%, or to the layman, 1 person, carried the day.
What swung it I wonder? Could it be the 'no Rodney = no Epsom = no ACT = no babbles coefficient'. For if it wasn't for MMP's (much reviled by right wing politicians, AKA, losers) coat hanger provision ACT would have the same presence in Parliament as NZ First; none.
ACT should be grateful for Rodney without whom they'd be outside with their face (not sure if I could employ a plural here) pressed up against the window of parliament.
The party of ‘individual liberty and freedom’ translates into 'More authoritarian laws, prisons and no more troublesome trails by juries of peers'; Competition and smaller government into 'one huge centralised Super city bureaucracy where some of the all are more equal than the all of the others’.
Viva Il Duce!