Monday, August 9, 2010

A Blameless Life

Adolf notes a recent comment from Milt on the hackneyed sameness of Sinner's many tirades on almost every comment thread.

The theme may be summarised thus:-

  • John Key - gutless
  • Helen Clark - evil (well I could run with that)
  • New Zealand - fucked
  • Douglas - should have been made a saint and his manifesto added to the New Testament
  • Labour - banned
Sinner reminds Adolf of the description of a candidate for Ministry which may be found in the Book of Order for the so called Grace Presbyterian Church. It goes something like this:-

'He (no bloody wimin allowed) shall be of a blameless life....' which led me to conclude that Jesus Christ himself would not have been good enough for this lot.

Accordingly Adolf has decided that starting today, his part of No Minister will be a sinner free zone for one week.

Those with biblical knowledge will understand how for that week at least, Adolf will be liberated from previous constraints. As it says in the good book:-

'He who is without Sinner among you, let him throw the first stone."

John 8. V 7 - 11


barry said...

Douglas a saint - my arse.
Douglas believed that NZ would be able to have such low wages that we could compete with China. What a load of rubbish. People in china live on $2 a day - even him in his de-reanged state should have known that was impossible - yet he rearranged the economy on the basis that this was true. All that resulted in was an ever increasing list of the unemployed.

Douglas (and that gnome Richardson) will go down eventually in history as the worst things that ever happened to NZ.

Now if we'd had a Lew Qwon Yuw than we might be on the same upward path as say Singapore. Now there was someone with real vision - not the nightmare that douglas was forcing on us.

ISeeRed said...

Singapore doesn't blow one third of its budget on welfare or income transfers, yet it has less poverty and crime. No minimum wage, yet higher wages. Taxes are lower, economic growth is higher. Think we could learn something, New Zealand? Or shall we just bludge our way to eventual bankruptcy? "New Zealand - Greece without the history".

mawm said...

Milt is also predictable, so maybe you should.........Ok I'll go quietly.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

BUt the billious one is evil, and when faced with evil, the wonderkind could change the policies of evil and bring in saintly policies, but alas he lacks intestinal fortitude for the job, because he takes counsel from the greylynn troglodites, thus NZ is stuffed, and pretty soon we'll be banned from even moving to Australia to escape the rampant Labourosities

Heine said...

Barry... you're kidding about Lew Qwon Yuw right?

Douglas tried to lessen peoples reliance on the state so that we could have got close to where Singapore is now.

barry said...

Heine - I think you've lost track of reality. Those dependant on the state have INCREASED since douglas and richardson bought down their programmes.
Singapore has compulsory savings and compulsory family responsibility (ie: if you dont care for your parents and the state has to take over - then you pay higher taxes) - the two wreckers didnt have these sorts of things in their programmes. All they thought about was to sell state assets (and the profits that have gone overseas just from telecom is about the same as the student loan amount - what a waste) and to lower pay rates so that we ciould make shoes as cheap as the chinese. simply stupid ideas.

Anonymous said...

Barry, it's because Lange called a 'cup of tea' on Douglas that this happened, not that Douglas' plan was implemented in the first place. You seem to forget how much of a 'sunny Poland' NZ was up until the mid 80s.


Heine said...

Exactly. Lange's body should have been fed to the dogs after he passed away. It was him, not Douglas or Ruth who failed generations of Kiwis.