Saturday, August 14, 2010


In my initial post on the Australian election I indicated that on balance my head overruled my heart and called it for Labor as theirs to loose. The last few days has seen the Liberal momentum stall and Labor edge ahead in the two party preferred vote.

The 'deal' between Labor and the Greens on the direction of preferences might just be the difference between winning and loosing for Gillard.

Polling of Green voters suggest that 86% will direct their second preference to Labor. Last election the figure was 80%. The additional 6% may well prove crucial in marginal electorates.

Post the election and Labor beholden to the Greens could lead to 'interesting times'.


Anonymous said...

'lose' and 'losing'.

Anonymous said...

Look at the outer Sydney Marginals and QLD and WA.

They ain't going to vote commie again, even if they did last time. Abbott goes down really well there, even though the rest of chattering classes & especially the ABC hate his guts.

The swing is not uniform. Abbott still has this to win, if he comes out fighting.

Doug said...

Latest Morgan poll out 14/8 Labor down 6.4%

Anonymous said...

Yep - consider the NSW & QLD Marginals & the Coalition will be nicely in.

The greens still may hold the senate, but I doubt they'll have the stomach for a fight with Rudd.

Anonymous said...

Heh. Now Gillard is so desperate she's begging for more debates. Pathetic. She should just borrrow Phil's chainsaw and use it on herself.

Abbott now has an unassailable lead in the polls.

Anonymous said...

The numbers of writers and journalists who do not know the meaning of lose and loose is a shocker.

There is no excuse for these inaccuraies.


Anonymous said...

I thought someone would have pulled me up by now on my typo spelling mistake. Should be inaccuracies not inaccuraies.