Monday, August 23, 2010

As Soon As I turn My Back........

..... all hell breaks loose.

  • Tevor Mallard accuses me of secretly obtaining classified documents (You see dear readers, Adolf is the only No Minister author who is a declared member of the National Party. I challenge him to repeat his drivel outside the house.)
  • Mallard's so-called classified document turns out to be the deluded ramblings of the politically demented.
  • Heather Roy makes Chris Carter appear to have the political smarts of Margaret Thatcher without the hats.
  • The Defense Minister allows himself to be conned into declaring classified the deluded ramblings of the politically demented.
  • Labor makes history in Australia by becoming the first, and probably the last, party ever to produce two None Term prime ministers in one parliamentary term. (They haven't quite made it yet but the people of Hasluck in WA are doing their best to make it happen.)
  • I find myself able to vote for Howick resident Whaleoil in forthcoming local gummint elections. That is sooooo funny. Well done Whale. It's about time somebody came along and injected some seriousness into this frivolous business of electing councilors.
  • Worst of all, after ten days of 32 to 36 maximum temperatures and complete internet deprivation, I'm back here pulling on more clothes than you'll see in all of Namaka village.
Oh and by the way, Fiji is looking great. More about that later.


JC said...

My understanding is the comments were directed towards The Veteran.


alex Masterley said...

That was my understanding too, and the veteran was in fact named in one of the weekend papers.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Well yes, if course but it's so nice to see Mallard make a fool of himself again.

alex Masterley said...

Agreed, there is that.

KG said...

Adolf, how about some thoughts on NZ and Australia's policies concerning Fiji?

Murray said...

Fiji doesn't look that flash if you're a journalist.

Yes I know we've had this dicussion before but you can't tell me that things have suddenly improved have they.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Murray, your comment says much about journalist. Suffice it to say, people on ordinary wages seem very happy with their dictator who has cleaned out endemic corruption and fixed up the roads.

The problem Journalists and other blinkered do-gooders don't want to recognize is that so-called democracy was actually a license for the privileged few to plunder the poor. Bainimarama has put paid to that and in the process a few journos have found that they don't any longer have license to make mischief on behalf of those former privileged few.

You need also understand that people broadly trust the military far more than they trust politicians.

Fiji is not new Zealand and the journos had better get used to it.