Thursday, July 29, 2010

Where's Peter Dunne's common sense gone?

I hear on the radio that perennial pragmatic, common sense, centrist, Peter Dunne, wants another government agency, this time to monitor CYPF.

That is after the latest baby death which Sue Bradford's repeal of section 59 failed to prevent, despite all her promises to the contrary.

I like Dunne's policy. Oh no, not the one just mentioned, but the one he proposed in 2003:
Dunne: CYFS can never 'parent' our children

Two tragedies in yesterday's news should be a reminder to all that the key to keeping our children safe will never be found by simply fixing CYFS' obvious failings, but by holding parents accountable, United Future leader Peter Dunne said today.

"It means that you don't go from violent relationship to violent relationship, dragging your kids through multiple schools and myriad houses, until finally some thug does them in, and then simply turn around and ask why the system failed you.

"And yes, the system does fail, but there is altogether another failure that we as a society need to address, and it is a failure of families, a failure of parenting.

"When these tragedies occur - while we rightly ask questions of the State apparatus that is there to intervene in such situations and too often fails to do so - we must also turn to the parents ... the mothers, the fathers, and say 'where were you when your child needed you; when you're child was in danger?'

"There is too little responsibility at an individual and family level."

But Dunne, like most of our politicians, is too gutless to promote those philosophies. Instead he goes for the easy solution - another government agency.

What follows that? An agency to monitor that agency and so on and so on?


Anonymous said...

So, let's vote him out. He's just a poodle, attaching himself to any cause going. Like Key, he has proved to be weak and maleable. Christine Rankin is the only one who dares to publicly speak the truth, and good on her. She should be in Parliament, not Dunne.

baxter said...

DUNNE'S suggestion of more useless bureaucracy is as stupid as his useless unnecessary Families Commission. NATIONAL has just again signalled its' Labour Likeness by anointing another academic trougher to chair it.

Anonymous said...

True, Baxter. Key is just useless, and National should be re-named, Labour. Let's vote Key out as well, what a dismal failure this govt is, its like replication furniture.

MacDoctor said...

What follows that? An agency to monitor that agency and so on and so on?

reminds me of an old piece of dogerrel my father used to say.
"Big fleas have little fleas on their backs to bite 'em,
Little fleas have lesser fleas and so - ad infinitum..."