Sunday, July 18, 2010

Well,That WAS a Week-end

The week-end in which the National Party Conference saw the most successful raid ever on the left's voter base (and the left still has not realised is was done over) and the most unsuccessful ever foray by a blogger into political lobbying.

Adolf won't have much to say about the latter because those things are best dealt with quietly out of the public gaze.

Chris Trotter sums it up brilliantly, as only he can. Essentially he is saying what many already know - Labour has become arrogant and is hopelessly out of touch with the people who twenty years ago would have been its strength. Adolf's description of this phenomenon would be to describe them as the party of poofs, teachers and shop stewards with not a real worker to be seen.

The comments thread is full of lefties screaming about the 'iniquity' of Mr Key's 90 day employment deal as though it is the end of the free world as we know it. Never mind the fact that all other western democracies have had such employment conditions for yonks and never mind that Dept of Labour statistics overwhelmingly point to the success of the scheme with hundred of new jobs which otherwise would not exist.

What they've all missed is the political implication of this scheme. It has locked in for National the undying gratitude of every youngster who, as a result of the 90 day trial period, now has his or her first real job and a chance to prove his or her value to the boss. That undying gratitude will be manifested in a lifetime of votes for National. These are the very people who, twenty years ago, would have been groomed by their union shop stewards to become good little lefties. The dirty little child groomers have been sent packing from the work place. Now they have to justify their presence or be booted out.

You've got to hand it to John Key. The currency trader is a past master at slipping in under Labour's guard and kicking them in the crutch when all the time they thought he was belting them in the head.

The only comment Adolf has concerning Whaleoil's self imposed exile from the National Party is that I'm surprised it took so long and I expect he would shortly have been pushed.

No organisation can tolerate a member who loudly and publicly makes personal attacks upon so many senior figures as has Whaleoil. Neither can a governing party put up with what amounts to continual quasi contempt of court by a person purporting to be part of the organisation.

In the Mojave desert there is a tribe of wild donkeys which when attacked by coyotes or cougars forms itself into a circle with heads inward and kicks like hell. Every now and again, some jackass turns the wrong way and kicks the hell out of its mates.

That's our Whaleoil - who now joins Lyen Brown and Andrew The Drunk, in foolishly invoking Jesus Christ and his crucifixion as somehow sanctifying their respective falls from grace.


Blair said...
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Anonymous said...

Adolf, I think if you look deeply enough you'll find National didn't want this, despite it being in their manifesto.

Another party has been pushing for this. No prizes for guessing who.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon, that's the most remarkable comment I've seen for many a year.

It's hard to see how a party could 'not want' something but include it in its manifesto - before coalition negotiations began. However I can agree that the Gnats might pinch all the kudos for something that is dear to the heart of ACT.

Maybe you too, didn't see him coming.

Anonymous said...

Is whaleoil's blog working for anyone else??

Inventory2 said...

Gotcha hasn't been working since last night

Anonymous said...

Do you know why? Bit annoying.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

No problems here.

The Gantt Guy said...

It's weird. I can get to the links inside gotcha, but I can't get to

Anonymous said...

Maybe Whale is having a break

CB said...

The main page,, is not working but is fine.

Hamish Collins said...

I'm sure ACT have been very pleased about this policy, but it's probably far more likely National saw the 90 day trial work for small businesses, saw there was no negative impact, and so have widened it.

Probably just an example of Key being pragmatic, but in this case, pragmatism has served a strong centre-right policy position.

Anonymous said...

3 decent outcomes from this conference
1)the extension of the 90d trial period to all employers
2)the limitation of rights of invasion by union officials
3)the decision to not contest Epsom

these decisions may actually help the implementation of policies which will advance NZ toward parity with Australia, rather than the relentless path to marxist oblivion Labour laid out and National are currently following.

kehua said...

Hello ......any one mention the ETS at this Conference?

Anonymous said...

the point kehua is that Key has now given ACT the lifeline they need and the point of difference to allow the ETS to be scrapped.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

ROFL. CLing to that straw baby!

With do-nothing Key KEYping on doing nothing - ACT should easily get to 10% next time around.

their own fucking fault if they don't.

Heine said...

I had to laugh when English said the Nats needed to be fiscally responsible, did somebody have a word in his ear to say something to appease the voters.

Did anybody try and bring up the ETS at all?

Good on Cam, he has stuck to the core values that the National Party were all about when they were in opposition. More power to him.

I feel bad for the Nats, high polling but low values.

baxter said...

Whale Oil might upset them from time to time but I think he has done far more good than damage. Time and again he has exposed Labour mischief such as GOFF's strikingly attractive Indian seductress for example and more recently the scandalous dishonest credit card expenditure by who-ever... I will continue to be a fan of his.