Saturday, July 3, 2010

Say Black, Do White

The sheer gall of the Loony Mayor knows no bounds.

So there she is by his side on the front page of the Herald, desperately trying to drum up the sympathy vote for her dead head husband.

Only when you read down the page, do you find the so-called "battle" is little more than a five hour route march back at boot camp.

The question on rate payers minds must be:

Did Lyen Brown put the health insurance on the Council card along with his birthday bash?


Anonymous said...

The timing is highly suspect, but when it comes to cancer, co-incidence is often the case.

Drumming up sympathy may not have been smart though, people might just as easily say Len Brown is too distracted, too unstable and too inexperienced for the job.

kevin said...

but... he is still rating. I don't get it.

sagenz said...

Adolf. This is a terrible post. I think you should take it down. Cancer and illness are not something you mess about with.
My sympathy is with Ms Inglis and I hope she gets well. It has FUCK ALL to do with the politics of her husband.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Sagey, it was all over TV news yesterday. Still think it's a terrible post?

thedeityformerlyknownasnigel6888 said...

c'mon Sagenz, this is a desperate polly trying every trick in the book.

Look around you. For every 7 NZers you see one will have a brush with Cancer during their life. Its not fair, but its not uncommon.

Not all of them try the plucky standing by their man during political adversity stunt though.

You will also note its a standard trick in the candidate playbook.

I guess there is probably also a "traditional" Maori phrase for hiding behind your wife's illness to deflect criticism of your own mendacity, that Brown will have his people make up and circulate in time for the Sunday supplements.

thedeityformerlyknownasnigel6888 said...

Or to put it simply

"you can't criticise my stealing, arrogance and bullshit because my wife is ill".


Caught with pants down - "Look over there, ponies!"