Sunday, July 18, 2010

Repeater simply repeats

Again from Granny:
One of the country's most-notorious career criminals pulled in a six-figure income while in prison - then picked up legal aid as well.

Arthur William Taylor, 53, has received funding from the Legal Services Agency just months after an Inland Revenue tax assessment found he earned $109,600.

An excellent example of a repeater repeating.

You can read the story and still the burning question remains: How did he earn >$100k while in prison?

The churnalist simply repeats information from an OIA and never tells us.



KG said...

"churnalist". Good one!

Anonymous said...

Another case of repeater: Ashley Campbell in Suburb Watch in HOS still thinks Mark Goshe is the MP for Maungakiekie.

baxter said...

You missed out the best bit. TAYLOR is getting legal assistance from the Departments own solicitors plus an office plus a computor to sue the prison's warders.