Thursday, July 29, 2010

Poor Helen Clark


Her inept bum boy has really stuffed it up this time. All those bloody text messages and the idiot still screws it up.

Adolf is convinced the Gnats are paying Chris Carter.

Not only was he stupid enough to try on something so childishly stupid but he stood there in front of his despised leader and ADMITTED that he did it. (Goff recognised Carter's handwriting on the envelope!!!!! How clueless is that?)

Didn't they teach Chris Carter that the default position when questioned on ANYTHING is to lie and when confronted with such calumny as this it is LIE THROUGH YOUR TEETH.

Joy oh joy. By-election in Te Atutu, anyone?


Well FMDG! Carter has arrived in Auckland 'feeling liberated' according to Stuff. He's holding a press conference, for God's sake. What for? To announce the by-election?


The Gantt Guy said...

Well if there is, I can tell you who won't win it. The good people of Te Atatu have rejected Tau Henare three times already. Liarbore could put up a troughing, scum-bag poof in that seat, and still win it. Oh, wait a minute...

Ciaron said...

ROTFLMA doesn't even begin to cover it

Anonymous said...

I think that Gooner should stand in Te Atatu, he's a National man right through.

Anonymous said...


Agreed, Tau Henare is deadwood.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Ho ho ho.

I wonder if, as we speak,the Gnats are offering Carter a nice diplomatic posting in San Fransisco or Amsterdam. Of course John Key will make sure that his own hand writing is no where near the envelope.

Anonymous said...

"..Carter a nice diplomatic posting in San Fransisco or Amsterdam."

..or Dubai

kevin said...

After viewing carters (last) 'genuine' apology, I thought he looked and acted like a liar.
He has pulled the plug on his own trough...

Anonymous said...

Meanwihle TVNZ #1 is playing

a two-hour satire on life in NZ under Hellen!

I'm sorry: you have exceeded your C-Credits.

Fuck off.

Anonymous said...

Joy oh joy. By-election in Te Atutu, anyone?

Naa. Chris will sit it out to the election. Then he splits the Labour vote and in goes Tau.

The only reason he'd force a by-election is because unless the labour candidate wins, Goff is toast - and like Tariana - he now hates Labour

Anonymous said...

Carter is a complete f**king nutter:

quoting stuff:

"I no longer believe it's possible for him to win the election," he told reporters."

In other words - he thought Goff could possibly have won the election sometime!!!


Ciaron said...

If he hates labour like Tariana, does that mean He's about to launch a gay party?

could this be the vehicle for the second coming of Clark?


Pat said...

So far the next candidates look like being Carter, Henare and Twyford. Te Atatu looks as open as a whorehouse in Las Vegas.

Just the kind of opening Winston likes. Campaign slogan: Fuck you 5% threshold!

WAKE UP said...

Schadenfreude's a wonderful thing, especially when it involves an ego-tripping diva whose Mama isn't ehere to hold his hand any more.