Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I see that Mr Goff has put his head up over the parapet to say that he supports the lowering of the blood alcohol limit to 0.5%.

Would it be churlish to ask why, if it is such a brilliant idea, he didn't move to implement the reduction during the nine years he was a senior cabinet member and part of that time Minister of Justice?

Talk about a lost soul looking for a headline.


Anonymous said...

I do hope he didn't say 0.5%, which is equivalent to 500 mg per litre of blood.

Let's try to use the terminology that applies in New Zealand, and refer to the levels as milligrams per litre. Apart from being correct, people are less likely to be confused. The current level in New Zealand (for blood alcohol) is 80, some want it dropped to 50. The terminology used in Australia (for example) is 0.05%.

The Veteran said...

Thank you Anonymous 5.11

Note to self .... swift uppercut in order.