Sunday, July 25, 2010


It is considered 'bad form' in some quarters to criticise your coalition partner but what the f**k, some Actoids and 'Prebs' have made a meal of it so here goes.

Just where did Prebs conjure up the figure that he quoted on Q & A this morning that the Government was borrowing $80m per day ($560m per week) to balance the books.

Every official document I have read shows the figure at about $280m per week (and in recent weeks reducing).

Yes, I am uncomfortable with that figure too but I refuse to subscribe to the slash and burn solution solution advocated by 'Wogers' sycophants.

But back to the $560m. Put up or shut up and bring on National Standards in literacy and mathematics because clearly, there are those that need them.


Anonymous said...

($560m per week) to balance the books. sounds about right...

I refuse to subscribe to the slash and burn solution solution advocated by 'Wogers' sycophants.

So are Dave Cameron & David Clegg "Woger;s sycophants".

Or the Socialist Governments of Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, not to mention Angela Merkel in Germany?

Or even Judith fucking Gillard in Australia???

Fact of the matter is "Woger" is in the mainstream of Western centre-left governments and economics

and JohnKey is with Osama in the nutso leftist camp

Dave Mann said...

.... yawn... I seem to think I have said this ad nauseum before, but here goes again...

Its not so much how MUCH is spent (within reason) by government.. what is important is WHAT it is spent on.

- yes to real standards-based education

- yes to proper first-world health care

- no to stupid fucking protection schemes for fucking kakapos

- no to supporting non-productive criminal junkies

- no to the treaty gravy train

- yes to electricity generation

- no to the carbon scammers

When will any bloody government start PRIORITISING?

Anonymous said...

Its not so much how MUCH is spent (within reason) by government.. what is important is WHAT it is spent on.

Actually - no. NZ is so far down the hole that we just have to terminate as much spending as possible, while keeping tax rates at least where they are to start paying it all back

- yes to real standards-based education

No to any state education whatsoever.

- yes to proper first-world health care

NO to state GP subsidies & socialist hospitals.

- yes to electricity generation

private provison - or better still, a spot market price so that power can go to productive enterprises not bennies and bludgers.
If you're on the "dole" (which of course should be cancelled) why the fuck do you deserve power? when NZ hasn't got enough?

Basically NO to anything and everything except paying of the debt - YES to selling damns, schools, hospitals and anything else to pay it all back quicker.

The Veteran said...

Anonymous 8.25 ... please provide authentication to 'Prebs' (and your) $560m per week figure.

Not in any official publication I have seen.

And that is the point of my post.

If Prebs can't even get his basic sums right then undermines himself and his Party.

Heine said...

The Nats should have learned by now that they didn't need to spend and borrow more in order to run day to day Government. I don't care what the numbers are, Prebs has a bloody good point.

Nationals legacy doesn't seem to be looking too rosy but unsurprising of the party that also gifted us Muldoon.

Gooner said...

Vet, I'd rather Prebble pull numbers from his arse then the Nats pulling unwanted & unnecessary legislation from theirs.

Anonymous said...

Go look at the NZDMO website.

NZ $280M is the domestic bond programme for core government (i.e. basically paying for fucking welfare)

the rest of the $560M is the rest of the borrowing
- short term T-bill
- borrowing off the main govt balance sheet for SOEs, government works, roading, etc etc


And yes it just about enough that if we stopped all welfare payments, and say either all govt works, all health or all education spending, we wouldn't need to borrow it.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't trust the National Party with $5 to go down to the dairy and buy me an ice cream.

That you continue to support them says more about you, Vet, than it does about "Actoids". At least they have political ideas other than "tax and spend".