Monday, July 12, 2010

Mayor Harvey Speaks The Truth

In a new twist on Labour's 'haters and wreckers,' Waitakere mayor Bob Harvey lets the cat out of the bag. The underlying message is simple. They know they've lost and the fix is in.

If elected, Labour's hand picked council candidates will to do their best to wreck the Super City.

"That is my real concern, that the mayor could finish up with the most dysfunctional council in the history of local government politics." Mr Harvey said nobody he had talked to who intended running for a council seat had indicated support for the Super City."

There it is, for all to see. The best yet reason anyone could want for putting aside foolish personal prejudice.

A vote for Brown is a vote for "the most dysfunctional council in history."

But the best was the dismissal by Harvey of the North Shore Drunk.

I don't think right now that he's causing anybody to lose any sleep," he said of Mr Williams. "He should join a men's drumming group in a sweat lodge - it would do him a world of good."



Adolf Fiinkensein said...

It must be quite difficult opposing a National Party man when you've been publicly humiliated by an ex president of the Labour Party.

Anonymous said...

The fact that they are Labour is reason enough never to vote for them.

Actually it's reason enough to prevent them and anyone ever dumb enough to vote for 'em from further participation in NZ politics.

Anonymous said...

So anyone who criticises a government or council structure should not be allowed to stand for office? Because they will be 'haters and wreckers' who'll try to sabotage the government/council? What rubbish!

Your non-thinking would have all ACT MP's tried for treason for sabotaging government from within. After all, they do oppose the ability of government to tax us. Clearly haters and wreckers. Oh, wait, you may have something there ;(

And Anon 10:01am proves again the tory midset - ban democracy for our enemies. What a standout individual - you should nominate them for council.

Anonymous said...

an democracy for our enemies.

no - ban democracy for all those who do not contribute to society, or who seek to destroy democracy and individual freedom.

As late as 1980, only ratepayers could vote for councils. NZ's local government was clearly and demonstrably better than that it is now!

Are you saying NZ was "undemocratic" even 30 years ago?