Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Last deadly assault on a child ever

Police are hunting a man in relation to an alleged assault on a baby boy who is in hospital with severe head injuries.
This is very surprising.

Sue Bradford and John Key's anti-smacking bill is likely to manifest itself in a safer society for children any day now, just as we were promised for years during the debate.

Can't be too far away now.

Any day.


Just you wait.

We were promised. Remember?


pdm said...

Don't hold your breath Gooner.

Danyl said...

Looks like we also still have a problem with people assaulting police officers - guess it's time to repeal all the assault laws. They obviously don't work.


Anonymous said...

The law is an ass and politicians the hole the law comes out of.

Anonymous said...

Saddest story ever, that baby has been knocked stupid, even if he lives, his life is wrecked. Asshole society, Bradford won't care.