Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Kedgeley's Magic Works

Don't be surprised if Sue Kedgeley claims full credit for a sudden drop in the price of food stuffs even though the factors contributing to the decline kicked in long before she opened her mouth.

Food prices took a record tumble in the year to June, driven by a decrease in the cost of fruit, vegetables, meat, poultry and fish.

Statistics New Zealand said the two per cent fall was the largest annual decrease in food prices since 1957 and followed a 17 per cent rise in the cost of food for the two years to July 2009.

Fruit and vegetables were down 9.2 per cent, meat, poultry and fish was down 3.9 per cent, and grocery food was down 1.4 per cent.

"It was the threat of regulation which has forced the evil supermarkets to open their black hearts and reduce their exorbitant margins."

So said Mrs Kedgeley in a press release pre-written for the Greens Party by PR consultant Adolf Fiinkensein.


We understand the fearless fruitloop, pictured here giving instructions on how to milk a mouse, is moving on to greater things and is to launch a campaign against unfair pricing of those other essential staples of the poor - cannabis and methamphetamine.


Anonymous said...

How come my supermarket bill went up noticeably last year? What about it going up another few dollars last week with the ETS. For me, a quick trip around the supermarket after work was about $30 in 2008, last night it was closer to $40. I think the voting on today's Stuff poll shows this is just more propaganda spin. Why I don't know.

Shane Ponting said...

My grocery bill continues upward...so I cry BS at anything saying things have gotten cheaper!

Anonymous said...

What about dropping the price of the most important staple of the poor, KFC?

Anonymous said...

She's a complete dick-brain and really not worth your effort of posting her.


Johnboy said...

Shadbolt thought she had a few good points once.