Saturday, July 24, 2010

If ex-police officers can't tell the difference between "not guilty" and "innocent," what hope is there for the rest of us?

John Dewar, fresh out on parole, has chosen an odd way to pursue his aim to "slip quietly back into his life with [his family]", by whinging at length to journos.

Dewar, readers may recall, was sentenced for his role in covering up the activities of convicted Police rapists Shipton and Schollum, and accused rapist Rickards, relating to their involvement with Louise Nicholls. His statements to the journos make me glad I was never reliant on him investigating anything, as the most basic elements of logic seem to be beyond him - witness this classic:

She was not a rape victim, no-one has ever been convicted, the woman is an imposter.

As a former police officer, Dewar should be more aware than most people that the fact no-one was convicted for a particular crime doesn't mean the crime didn't take place. I'm left wondering whether Dewar thinks not-guilty verdicts mean OJ Simpson and David Bain were also proven innocent.


The Veteran said...

Dewer can be thankful that he was parolled under the provisions of the Act as it was under Labour before National toughened it up otherwsie he would still be inside.

But isn't it touching that he is now championing the cause of a gang member sentenced to preventive detention for armed robbery and kidnapping on the basis that he can speak Japanese and can paint a bit.

Still, if he feels comfortable in advocating for people like that then who am I to question ... sad.

Yes he is.

Andrei said...

The whole thing is political with agendas to be advanced

All it is is human degradation and unpleasantness on display.

A plague on all concerned I'd say

Inventory2 said...

Wasn't Dewar head of the Rotorua police at the time when there was some pretty unsavoury stuff going on, which has never been denied? Says it all, really ...

Anonymous said...

Uhm, he's right. No one was convicted. Doesn't mean anyone did anything. Could just as easily been made up.

Psycho Milt said...

Anonymous, you seem to have the same problems with logic that Dewar does. The fact the accused were found not guilty is not proof they didn't rape Louise Nichols, it's proof the crown couldn't persuade 12 people of their guilt beyond reasonable doubt. Dewar is assuming a level of certainty that just isn't there.

Anonymous said...

well only those who were there know.Dewar is a fine man, was a good cop AND the media went to him to write a story about him working. They were writing it anyway. If he didnt comment the story would have been onesided, woul dhave said Dewar refused to comment and denegated a man who knows he is innocent. After what he has been through is it any wonder he chose to speak up? He is doomed if he didnt respond and doomed if he told his story - which he has never been able to tell. Its easy to attack people but we are fools if we base our opinions on what we see and hear in the Media. Trial by Media - hardly justice and honesty!

The Veteran said...

Sorry Anonymous 4.13 ... "Dewer is a fine man and a good cop" Oooops, by your standards perhaps.
Dewer is the sort of cop that the Police force don't and didn't need. A 'man' prepared to put so called friendship above duty.

And now he parades himself as a champion of crims.

But, defend him if you will. That is your right and privilege.

I disagree.

Dom said...

"Dewar is a fine man, was a good cop"

You must be either trolling or the man himself, given that not a single one of his former colleagues have spoken up in his defense nor offered one single kind word about him. Although funnily enough especially in such an institution as the Police there were many motivated to give evidence against him.

He is the antithesis of both a fine man and a good cop and that will be his legacy, outside of his own head that is.

kehua said...

Fact is Anon that Dewer is just a cunt and the damage the man caused can probably not be imagined , suffice to say that today Cops in Rotorua live and work with the bogey of Dewer and his arsehole mates and will continue to for sometime yet. So shut the fuck up for Dewer was found guilty and guilty he was.

Anonymous said...

John Dewar is an idiot, a pig always a pig, opps plod nicer
Stop picking on David Bain,THE MAN WALKS FREE ,in O J Simpsons case if the glove fits wear it, opps a nigger perseved to be getting away with killing the blonde white female,get him back into jail hell hes a nigger and DEWAR IS A FAT LIAR