Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Game of One Half

I thought I saw a Cup winning side in action last night.


Inventory2 said...

There's a lot of water to pass under the bridge yet Adolf. But it was probably the best performance under Henry as coach, and I reckon the best defensive performance I can remember - and my memory dates back to about 1962.

Inventory2 said...

All Black memory, that it

Barnsley Bill said...

They played very well last night. Rare for me to say that and even rarer for me to bother watching them. However they may well be the 8th place getters at the last world cup but they were [playing the world champs so I made the effort.
It has a familiar feel to it though doesn't it?
Train like Tarzan and play like Jane.
All conquering heroes when it doesn't matter. Would rather see a few less geriatrics and a few more up and comers with next year in mind.

Anonymous said...

They turned up and played with an intensity that is seldom they know how to do it they must keep it point winning in the dressing room or at the post match inquisition.

Anonymous said...

it was the seasoned heads who had the blinders in that side last night. Best game I've seen out of Mils ever in the black jersey. Even Nonu no brain looked like he might have grown a cell or 2. Carter looked contained but content to distribute and direct.
Nice to see the front row rattling the yarpies' scrum too. Was kinda weird watching their acuity at interchanging as scrum half in the ruck situation.


Gooner said...

The Germans also played exceptionally well when defeating Argentina 4-0. The next week they were gone.

Time for some perspective methinks.

Swallow/Summer etc.

gravedodger said...

Having finished my Brunch of humble pie am enjoying a replay as I watched the finals of the Young Farmer of the Year live on the basis that without Mysky I will have a lot more chances to see the rugby again.
I was very concerned that in such a key game starting with Nonu,Mulliana, and Donnelly with such limited recent rugby and Joe's recent form, left us very exposed but with such a complete 80 minute effort from the front 8 coupled with Mills,Maa and Tom all having their best game in the jersey by such a margin they just destroyed the Boks and next week at the Caketin will be a ripper.
Those who claim Keiran aint a Number 8 maybe have a point on his ability to make yards off the back with a bruising run but have to review his effort and effectiveness after last night, he made the bok 8th man very look ordinary and the defense of the three black loosies allied with the other 12 was truly awesome.

Anonymous said...

And all the fair weather fans come out from under their rocks.

Inventory2 said...

On further reflection, probably the All Blacks' best all-round performance under Graham Henry. I always thpought that the 2004 massacre of France would take some topping, but they might just have done it last night.

pdm said...

GD - Read plays No8 like a No6 in which position he is probably the best in world rugby. Oh to have developed a class No8 so Read could play in his proper position.

big bruv said...

Read the best in the world???

That is hilarious, he is not even the best in NZ let alone the world.

The best that can be said for Read is that he is slightly better (and it is only slightly) than the last Canterbury passenger the All Blacks had to carry as blindside flanker in Ruben Throne (after Blackadder the worst All Black of all time)

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

And BB demonstrates for all the world his talent as a sports commentator.

Kinda like his subtle, intelligent and perceptive political commentary to which one has become accustomed.