Saturday, July 10, 2010

Enrol 2010

Please, please, please enrol for the local body elections this year.

The turnout is so appallingly bad and needs improving. It has gone from 61% in 1989, to 42% in 2007. Out West Auckland, where I now am, it is only in the mid 30's That's appalling. Get to know your candidates. Find out their voting record. And vote!

NZ Electoral Enrolment


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

What the hell are you doing out there? If you take a wrong turn, the buggers will eat you!

Shane Ponting said...

There seriously needs to be a more effective use of the internet for these sorts of things. How hard is it to have all candidates from all over, with all voting records and every last scrap of information on them all on one site?

Too hard?

I don't think so.....

alex Masterley said...

I am enrolled!
Talking to one of the local C&R candidate this afternoon at a function. Seems optomistic, mind you Glenda Freyer & Cathy Casey....

PM of NZ said...

Out West?

No wonder there is a poor turnout when you have the eco-dinosaur Harvey and his mob in ratepayer wallets pushing all the Liarbour ideology. I am thankful that chapter of local governance, if you could call it that, by a failed spin doctor is about to end.

Blair said...

If you have to try and persuade someone to enrol to vote, then how likely is it that they will take their vote seriously once enrolled?

If you don't care enough to enrol then don't, I say. You'll probably vote for someone stupid anyway.

Anonymous said...

The turnout is so appallingly bad and needs improving.

yet more leftist crap..

The problem with NZ is not that the "turnout" is poor - it is that the franchise is far too wide.

When NZ towns and cities were established only significant ratepayers had the vote. Low turnout - thankfully - concentrates the vote to taxpayers and ratepayers - bludgers mostly stay home!

this is all to the good.