Friday, July 30, 2010

Chris Carter


When Adolf wants to get a fair and balanced picture of events political he relies on the combined wisdom of four bloggers who, whatever their other foibles might be, are intelligent and astute observers.

David Farrar
Chris Trotter

David's analysis this morning sits easily with me, although I think he underestimates the 'petulant poof' aspect of yesterday's events and the loose cannon risk to Labour of the same, between now and election time. The most serious damage to Labour has been inflicted by cementing in the public mind that a vote for Labour in 2011 is a vote for Peters. Carter is looking for a leader who can accommodate Peters. In Carters bent mind, Goff's greatest deficiency is his apparent inability and unwillingness to deal with Peters.

Whaleoil, steeped in politics from the mother's breast, looks at the fortunes of the parties in a by-election or the next general election. Adolf can't see why National would bother too much trying to win the seat, unless Peters stands in which case there is a risk some National supporters might vote for Peters and get him over the top. Likewise, Labour is in a bind. Twyford brings back Tizard and Little risks losing to Carter - the latter would be a serious blunder and would render Little a laughing stock for the next ten years.

Gooner, closely enmeshed in politics for ten years or more, examines the internal factional warfare within Labour and points to the grubby fingerprints of Helen Clark all over the incriminating hand written envelope. I think in this he is right. The Feminazi/gaylesbo faction has made it's move, in cahoots with the thugs from Labour. They are a force with which to be reckoned and fortunately for the Centre Right, they will prevail and keep Labour in opposition for a long long time.

Chris Trotter, examines Carter's motivation for becoming the divine wind of Labour. Basically, the poofter who is no longer comfortable without the protection of all the other gay lesbos.

So what does Adolf think? We are seeing a battle between Clark and her acolytes on one side and a resurgent new style Labour on the other. Clark is winning by a mile and NACTionalMP are larrrfing their arses off.

Initially I thought Carter had indulged in an enormous act of self indulgent pique but now I think that Gooner and Farrar are pretty close to the mark. Carter has lifted the veil and brought into the public eye the simmering unrest within Labour and when the games are over and the enemies of Goff and the left faction of Labour have prevailed, he will receive his reward or at least expects to. One thing is for sure, like Winston Peters, he will not easily walk away from the trough.

The funniest admission was Carter's assertion that the Labour Party is broke. That tells you so much about the state of the outfit. No members, no money, no ideas and no brains. That is Clark's legacy to Labour as she continues to exert her malevolent influence from afar.


Inventory2 said...

What about Keeping Stock? You and WhaleOil are missing one point in speculating on by-elections. There will only be one if Chris Carter resigns from Parliament of his own accord. HE is the elected MP for Te Atatu, and the Labour Party can do nothing to change that, even if it expels Carter. And seriously, can you imagine Carter turning down another 15 months on the taxpayer?

There will NOT be a by-election; plain and simple.

David said...

Or is Andrew "Machiavelli" Little behind a deliberate move to squeeze Carter until he popped like a bag of pus, thus allowing Phil-in the privilege of appearing strong by slapping him down publicly. This may be the first act in a long-running saga to break the rainbow faction.

Inventory2 said...

I don't think so David. Carter's outrage is at Goff's "flip-flop" on a matter of employment law. I have little doubt that the likes of Darien Fenton, Lynne Pillay, Carol Beaumont and others of the union ilk will be privately supporting Carter, even though they voted to suspend him yesterday. I strongly doubt that Little would be supporting Goff over this particular issue.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

IV2, you must have missed this bit which I thought indicated I don't believe there will be a by-election.

"One thing is for sure, like Winston Peters, he will not easily walk away from the trough."

and this bit:-

"looks at the fortunes of the parties in a by-election or the next general election."

Gooner said...

20-odd years enmeshed politics Adolf....but I am as wrong as the next bloke most of the time.

Lucia Maria said...

I'm having trouble seeing what the big deal is. I suppose in relation to all the bad behaviour politicians are capable of, and that we have all seen, why is this one so bad?

Is loyalty to the leader the only thing that counts?

Anonymous said...

Trolling through the comments on DPF made me think of the end of the film Calligula (as I recall) when the senate was offering money for a leader. Who really wants to be runing a shambles at the last hurrah of a rotten and corrupt system?