Friday, July 30, 2010

Carter's Lost Horizon

Tevor Mallard has adroitly introduced to the public the fact that Chis Carter recently took a trip to Tibet. What makes this little matter more than of passing interest is that the trip was not authorised by the Labour Caucus, let alone the Leader.

Adolf wants to know therefore, who paid for the trip?

Does Parliamentary Services authorize unlimited travel for all back benchers and their assorted hangers on to any destination in the world, on any whim and with any flimsy excuse? What are the criteria for approval and payment of these expenses? Adolf struggles to imagine what possible benefit might accrue to the NZ tax payer from sending the Petulant Poofter and his little mate on an all expenses paid business class luxury trip to Shangri La in search of a cure for the aging process.

So, will someone who knows how please lodge an official request for all documentation associated with this unauthorized trip?

One can be confident they didn't stay at the local back packers' joint.


Inventory2 said...

Carter says the trip was paid for by the Chinese government and by his airpoints; the latter wouldn't surprise; he must have shitloads!

Interestingly though, he claims that Annette King knew about thr trip, and that she told him to keep a low profile over it - hmmmm

Ciaron said...

I think a more appropriate term for his "little mate" would be his "first mate" or his "in-mate".

Lewis said...

According to RNZ, Carter was a "guest" of the Chinese government.

Anonymous said...

Did he moan, I mean pray, during his stay in a Tibetan monastery?

Knowing Carter it's likely he was on his knees several times.

The Veteran said...

Interesting post and begs the question as to just how dysfunctional the Labour party caucus has become under Goff ... that members can just bugger off and do their own thing ... wouldn't happen with H1 and H2 in charge.

But one has to wonder if Mallard is telling the truth. Some unkind person might say that Mallard wouldn't know the truth if it bit him in the bum.

I mean this is the second bit of 'spin' to come from that source. The first was that Carter had a mental breakdown and was out of control ... takes one to know one I guess.

Oh, and arn't MPs prevented from cashing in their airpoints for personal use? Authorised travel yes; private travel no.

So Chris, you too can join Winston First and pay the f*****g money back.

alex Masterley said...

At the very least if the trip was paid for by the Chinese Government it will have to be declared on his register of pecuniary interests.

Inventory2 said...

@ The Veteran - mention of Mallard's bum in a post on Chris Carter; I hope that's just a freudian slip!

Anonymous said...

Did he moan, I mean pray, during his stay in a Tibetan monastery?

No - but he may have broken a champagne bottle on a bulldozer that rolled over one of 'em...

ZenTiger said...

I just noticed your post, and agree this is in itself as big an issue as Chris Carter's media stunt.

Given the Chinese Government paid for the trip, I did a post raising questions over what advantage they saw in investing in Chris Carter, a member of the opposition.

Did he promise them the leadership was going to change, and he'd be a senior figure in the new cabinet?

If it is a requirement to lodge details of the trip in the register of pecuniary interests, then he would know the trip would come to light, and given he did not have sanction for it from the Labour Caucus, it would appear he was trying to keep it quiet.

The Chris Carter Corruption Conspiracy

WAKE UP said...

How glad I am that I don't have to give a damn what Chris Carter - OR Trevor Mallard - have to sayt about ANYTHING.