Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Black Plague

As the Democrat Party sets about turning the US mid term elections into a racist slanging match, it is interesting to compare the Black Plague which killed off a hundred million people in Europe over some fifty years during the fourteenth century with the economic Black Plague currently devastating the United States.

The medieval black plague was founded in squalid living conditions and was spread by dirty black rats. Ratus norvegicus and Ratus ratus.

America's modern day version is founded in squalid economic theory based on envy, greed and jealousy and it too, is spread by dirty white rats. Pelosi, Reid and Boxer to name a few.

Obama is killing more people economically each day than the medieval version killed each day in all of Europe. In less than two years some eight million jobs have been killed off with some of them replaced by non jobs in the public service. Such is the insidious unseen gestation period of this modern day plague. Just as Clark and Cullen perpetrated in NZ, the real recession is hidden from view by the mirage of 'total jobs' which appear to be declining gently. Trouble is, the drone jobs in the public service really are just disguised unemployment benefits on a grand scale - $80k per year instead of $25k. Nothing of value to the nation results.

The black plague in the US manifests itself in the faces and attitudes of people like Obama, Halder, Wright, Jones and all the rest of Obama's Chicago style gangster henchmen who have been shoehorned into positions of power.

It will be a very long time before Americans take the risk of electing another black feller as their President and that is a great shame. In less than two years, Obama has done more damage to Negros and race relations in America than Governor George Wallace was able to achieve in a life time.



You are right Adolf, Ratus Obamus, Ratus Pelosus, Ratus Democratus are the bringers of America's Black Death Plague today.

But is looks like the Pied Palin will help drive some of the vermin out of DC.

Anonymous said...

While its true that the govt jobs are often non jobs I think its rubbish to blame the US woes on the Democrats in this fashion. The bullshit money and greed washing around the banking system is hardly left wing money. The CEO's of the US car makers flying about in private jets and pocketing bonuses while the company goes broke is hardly left wing greed. The problem transcends political ideology and centres on pretending to get rich by printing debt laden money that in reality makes you poor. Its not real wealth. It shows we don't learn from history so serves us right.

wiri said...


You really are quite the unreconstructed racist, aren't you. Not even a hint of subtlety. How does having a "black feller" in the presidency have anything to do with the sequels to the Wall Street meltdown that was instigated and perpetrated by white fellers aided and abetted by a white feller W. Bush administration?

You might disagree with Obama's prescription for addressing the failed W. Bush economic legacy, but the subtext here is your visceral hatred of people of colour, especially those in power. Throwing in a few liberal white names does not mask that sentiment one iota.

It seems that when race is involved all semblance of logic leaves your head. Shame on you.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Wiri, if you come around here with insults directed at your host you will be thrown out on your ear.


You are a dead shit with neither sense of humour, proportion nor perspective.


We don't care if the Obamination is America's first black president.
But we do care that the Obamination is America's first red president.
55% of Americans say he is a socialist!

Anonymous said...

Yes of course it was Obama who was responsible for the massive and unsustainable buildup of house prices, the securitisation of the mortgages into bonds and subsequent their default not to mention forcing the american consumer into over-borrowing that was the cause of the economic recession.

All be before he was even elected as president!

He also in his tenure as a senator forced US car companies to make shit vehicles that no one brought thereby forcing them into bankruptcy.

Oh the power!

Randominanity said...

Actually I thought Wiri was the only one making sense here.

You just don't like it when someone calls you out on your racist diatribes eh Adolf?

Figures - you can dish it out but are a sensitive wee flower when it's directed back at you.

Ackers said...

Imagine a world of Adolf's and Redbaiters, a world ruled by the wondrous brain that is Sarah, the dumb leading the dumber, ideology triumphing over anything resembling common sense.

Why you might even elect Fairfacts Media!

Now there's a poor lost soul looking for a redundant ideology to hang his confused ramblings on.

Then again you could read someone grounded in reality liker Krugman but I suspect that would be way too taxing on your poor shriveled brains.


Thank you for those kind words Ackers.
So you support Krugman, the bank who is helping bankrupt the US economy.
And you hate Palin, who is neck-and-neck with the Obamination in the polls.
Even considering how the MSM have ridiculed Palin and worshipped the Obamination, it is a remarkeable achiement for the Hockey Mum from Wasila.

t said...

"remarkeable achiement"

Someones on the booze...again.

Ackers said...

Krugman is a bank? A bank that is bankrupting the American economy?

I'll go back to watching the Teletubbies.

They make much more sense.

Anonymous said...

As I understand it ( i maybe wrong )

There is a census coming up in America..

This is employing millions of temporary workers..

Where will they go when the census is over ??

Anonymous said...