Saturday, July 31, 2010

Armstrong On Labour's Carterstrophe

Adolf enjoys John Armstrong's commentary and usually agrees with it.

Today there are many chuckles for crusty denizens of the Centre Right in a tour de force of Carter, Goff and the rest of the Labour rabble.

Here's the best one liner:-

What Cunliffe lacks in charisma, he makes up for in supreme self-confidence - a trait which fails to impress many of his colleagues who, to put it crudely, see him as someone who is up himself.
The underlying message from Mr Armstrong appears to be that Labour is ******. Essentially, they possess neither the courage nor the tools to make the changes necessary for electoral success.

He pours cold water on their desperate adulation of Winston Peters by pointing out the obvious - Winston will take more votes from Labour than he will from National. Adolf suspects that Peters may finish up inviting a much diminished Labour into coalition as the junior partner. They suit each other.

And having enjoyed such a supreme breakfast, now comes the glass of sparkling champagne.

Leila Harre standing for Te Atutu.

Ex-Alliance minister eyeing Labour nod for Carter's seat

It's impossible to imagine anything more tasty for lunch.


Anonymous said...

Labour can't win the next election under anybody. The problem with Carter's comments are that they imply he thought Goff might have been able to win somehow.

Then again, Abbot is about to do what no leader of the opposition in Australia has done for the last 80 years: win government after his party has been only one term in opposition

Abbot's already 5 points ahead in the "unwinable election" - and unlike Key, Abbot is the real deal - a union hating, lefty-basing, Born-Again Christian!

What the leftist scum really hate is that the world has changed: the west no longer tolerates communists, unionists, and leftists in government or out of it.. Even the nominal "socialist" governments in Greece are chopping benefits, privatising health and education, firing civil servants, and actually firing on protestors!

Ultimately that's why GIllard will lose, and why Goff will never win - and why Carter is throwing his toys out of the pram - and why Labour has no future in NZ.

Hopefully after the next election Key will have as much guts as Abbot has - wipe out the unions, fix the leftist laws left from Clarkistan - from smacking to police guns to fire at will! - and run the anti-corruption inquiry so long deserved to wipe Labour, the Greens, and the Unions out of NZ once and for all

WAKE UP said...

Ah, the roll call of little men who sold their soul to "strong leaders" and then couldn't fill their shoes...Jim McClay, Mike Moore, Phil Goff...Julia Gillard