Wednesday, June 16, 2010

World cup 2010. Update 5. And Michael Caine is back

It just had to be Get Carter after todays massive body blow to the labour party.

Right it is half time. I am overjoyed at the sight of Martin Devlin on the comments bench, the game?
Not so much. All Whites looked really good for the first four minutes. Since then it has got a bit out of shape. The keeper has had a couple of near death experiences. Slovakia are average, but European average which probably means we are going to see a few goals in the second half.
But fairs fair. They are into the oranges and are still in the game and if they can manage to get a ball to actually hit Fallon in the head we might see him get one. The feed to the front men is almost as bad as it was for the English forwards the other night..

Update, just realised why Fallon looks average. It is the hair. His Father always sports the most impressive barnet. The young fella needs to grow it out a bit.

Second half starts with game still at 0-0

50th minute scrub that.. 1-0 to not us.Nice cross, avaerage header, ball dribbles in. Scorer Vittek or Lefma Caravanindadich or something.


DenMT said...

Agree 100% about the problems in getting the ball up to the top for NZ, and would also add that we missed a bunch of excellent passing opportunities with players sitting in acres of space, whilst the player on the ball ignored all open passing lanes and just charged about like an idiot.

That said, what a performance, very proud. And happy, not least because now I get to avoid imitating the embarrassing scenes of self-flagellation witnessed from my Pommy mates over the weekend. All it took was Green's moment of 'Clod' and they were leaping off their barstools to roll around on the floor, wailing like girls and pulling out their hair. We needed that goal to hold any chance of getting to the next round alive, and we got it.



Barnsley Bill said...

"they were leaping off their barstools to roll around on the floor, wailing like girls and pulling out their hair."

Sigh...... I know that chicken dance well. have performed it 2.5 times a decade for more decades thasn I care to reveal.