Thursday, June 17, 2010

Who Will Step Up To The Plate?

Labour really does seem to have a bit of a problem now with its discredited candidate for the Auckland Super City Mayoralty. Lyen Brown hasn't got a shit's show in hell after the events of the last few days so what is Labour's plan B?

Adolf's pick is that Judith Tizard will be persuaded to resign from the Labour list in return for getting the party's backing for a tilt at the Auckland job.

Think about it dear readers. Such a move would clear the way for Philk Off to make all the changes he needs to make to the parliamentary Labour Party. No longer would he be constrained by the 'shit if we do that we'll get Tizard back' syndrome. He could boot Carter out and put Twyford in to fight and win a Te Atutu by election. If National had half a brain it would not try too hard and let Twyford win the by election.

Fat Judy might do quite well, riding on Mummy's petticoats. One thing is for sure. She'd get more votes than Lyen Brown


Barnsley Bill said...

Your powers of reason have become mixed up with your efforts at wishfull thinking.
As long as our bum holes point down we will never see Labour promote Patsy Stone for anything up to and including princes street tea lady

mawm said...

I thought she would be carrying handbags around the UN. Has she been replaced?

Anonymous said...

But but but if elected she could knit a new teacosy for the council teapot.

First useful job she would ever have done in her fat useless life.


Inventory2 said...

Not a snowball's chance Adolf. Have you forgotten that Tizard was such a success as Minister for Auckland Issues that Clark had to disestablish the role?


Good gried Adolf, certainly some wishful thinking there.
If anything was to guarantee a Banks landslade it would be a Tizard candidacy.
Surely,Liarbour cannot be that desperate, can they?

Anonymous said...

Wrong Adolf - if Goff gets rid of Tizard, the next name on the list after that is even worse. It's Mark Burton!

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

You're right FFM. Much wishful thinking.

If only.......................

Anonymous said...

Can't we just shoot all the Labourists & Unionists.

pretty please?