Monday, June 21, 2010

That Long Legged Maggot Daddy

Adolf is deeply indebted to KG over at Crusader Rabbit for some wonderful entertainment. If only I knew how to download the video and post it but I don't, so the link will have to do.

Here's a sample of the more temperate commentary as our black southern preacher lays into the POTUS.

"Why, he's just a long legged, maggot daddy, prolific liar, half breed, usurper, illegal alien, quasi Muslim, socialist, communist, marxist freak."

Absolutely made my day!


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

It appears my knowledge of American is poor. The term apparently is "MacDaddy" being a pimp.

Anonymous said...

Manning's a comic genius. His Oprah is the anti-Christ set is hilarious. Not bad for a thieving ex-convict. The funny thing is there are some retards out there who take him seriously.

Is Harlem in the south?

Judge Holden

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Judge, you idiot. Who cares?

Psycho Milt said...

The funny thing is there are some retards out there who take him seriously.

You're familiar with Crusader Rabbit, then?

KG said... was only a matter of time before the fuckwits surfaced in order to use a simple humorous post as an excuse to sling shit..

Had you taken the trouble to read what I put up at CR, Milt you'd have seen that I didn't take it seriously. But that would be a little too honest for you.

Here's an idea--set up a blog of your own and see if you can attract any life-forms other than fellow collectivist scum.

Psycho Milt said...

Sorry, I just had trouble distinguishing Manning's stuff from your serious posts about Obama.

Simon sez said...

Bahaha nice one.

KG go back to promoting the English Defence League, National Front etc on your proud little bastion of righteousness over at CR.

Simon said...

He's got a halo!

DenMT said...

Off topic, absolutely, but KG - you're a sick bloke. I just read some of your posts on Crusader Rabbit, and some of the stuff you come up with is plain disgusting. For example:

"It's time. It's time some of these primitive bastards were found in back alleys with their heads kicked in. Time some mosques were ignited by a stray spark."



KG said...

bawaahahaha! That must be why I've seen so many leftoid scum here condemn the muslim youths in Paris for burning synagogues and raping and bashing Chinese and European French people eh?
oh, hang on....

Seems "evil" is a very selectively applied term around here....

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you're not allowed to point out how truly and genuinely unpleasant KG is without also condemning everyone that KG doesn't like. Otherwise you're being selective. Moron.

Judge Holden

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Judge you wouldn't know the terms 'truly and genuinely' if they bit you on the arse.

You silly buggers don't realise that funny as the black preaqcher man is - and he is very very funny - he is illuminating a most unpleasant truth which you do not want to see.

To put it plainly, you and all the other lefties have actually fucked the civilised western world and the price that will be paid by our children for YOUR folly will be horrendous.

People slowly are waking up and that is one of the reasons they tipped out UK and NZ Labour and are about to tip out Labor in Australia and Marxist socialism in the US.

The pendulum is heavy and is swinging fast, dear boy, and it is about to hit you fair in the doolalleys.

Anonymous said...

What Manning is illuminating is the paranoia and general lunacy of the birthers and tea baggers. And you're even funnier than him Adolf. Tremendous!

Judge Holden