Monday, June 21, 2010

TeleVision Now Zenophobic

TVNZ and it's news room needs a big kick fair up the jacksy.

Take a look at this appalling crap

The Reserve Bank increased the OCR by 25 basis points the other day.

The ANZ and National bank increased their short term interest rates by just 10 basis points.

So according to the little 'socialist, communist marxist freaks' who write the news over there, the RBNZ 'increased' its rates while the ANZ 'hiked' its rates.

They couldn't resist a gratuitous reference to the banks' ownership.

Both brands are owned by ANZ National, which is owned by Australia's ANZ.

Perhaps they have their money with South Canterbury Finance or Hanover. Good old wholly owned and operated Kiwi companies. None better.

How silly, Adolf. These idiots don't have money. They only have debt and as long as they write drivel like this they won't ever be paid enough to pay off their ridiculous loans. In fact, they'll be lucky if in six months they still have jobs.


harpoon said...

So what. It's a good old fashioned media dog whistle.

Are you saying it's evil to indulge in dog-whistling? If so, you might want to look closer to home before you make too much of a fool of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Spell it with me now, xenophobic, with an X.

About as piss poor as your posts huh.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon you are an A Grade fuckwit. Go away and wallow at The Standard where you belong.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Oh yeah, you forgot the question mark. How's your NCEA lookin' now, Dickhead?

John Q Public said...

'Hike' is the term used all around the MSM Adolf. Don;t think .25 basis points qualifies though. That's more a 'lift'.

BTW, they seem to have amended their piece.

Anonymous said...

Not at all surprising: I recall a year or so ago the NZ share market fell 5% while on the same day the Australian fell about 9%. Our fall was a "plunge" while the Aussie fall was a "dip." Kiwis seem to adore hyperbole when it is attached to a negative.


John Q Public said...

And when it goes back up 4% the next day, that doesn't even rate a mention!

Bellringer said...

The NZ media using emotive language is a staple. It reveals their piss-poor standards, biases - and their audiences' expectations.