Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Squirming, Twisting, Lieing

Adolf nearly drove off the road laughing yesterday as he lightened to Hooton jousting with some illiterate squeaky voiced nasal trade unionist whose every second phrase was 'you know.'

This idiot (I think his name is Campbell but I can't locate a transcript or audio) first put up a remarkable cock and bull story about Lyen Brown's demise being ALL the result of a concerted smear campaign on the part of the Banks' team. The bit that made my eyes water however was something like this.

Labour is backing Len Brown but we understand Steven Tindall has been doing some polling at his own expense.
Well of course it will be at his own expense as the flat broke useless Labour Party will have asked him to pay for it because they can't.

I think Tindall, unlike Brown, would be a formidable candidate and Mr Hooton will need to get a better attack line than' he imports junk and his shops are ugly.'


Mr Jaggers said...

I agree that Mr Tindall would be a very good candidate, but would he want to stand?

After all, he would be subject to the full glare ofpublic scrutiny, and any failing or failure on his part would be seized upon and magnified out of all proportion by the media and his political opponents.

kevin said...

Exactly.. why would Tindall want to get involved (with any labour endorsed activity) seeing brown has tainted the whole show so thoroughly.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I'm in two minds on this. On one hand I agree with those who think he would be reluctant to run with Labour which has been badly damaged by Brown, Carter and Jones in recent times and is struggling to poll 30% and which association might damage the prosperity of The Warehose chain.

On the other hand I believe he is well regarded by the dumbarse masses who vote and by the middle class lefties who can't stand Banks but would never now vote for Lyen Bown. These latter would simply have staid home for Brown but they will come out and vote in their thousands for Tindall.

My pick, I think, is that he will stand and Brown will find some miraculous health issues.

Then he, like Rudd, will be unemployable.

big bruv said...

"He imports junk and pays the minimum wage" might be a better attack line Adolf.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

BB even that is pretty pathetic. For many people he is a hero because he has brought to them products on a wide spectrum which they can afford.

Any attacks on him will be, I think, counterproductive. This is a man with an impeccable reputation and it will be a BOG mistake to go all out with personal attacks. That's what brought down Labour in 2008.

Much better to find out why he won't actually be any good as a Mayor. A vote for Tindall gives you another Hubbard.


I agree Tindall imports junk, overpriced junk too.
You cannot beat Briscoes and Farmers for value when they have a sale on.
But Adolf is right.
Tindall does have a decent reputation.
The risk for him is getting tainted by any associations with the Liarbour Party.
It could affect his business too.
The risk for Auckland is that he turns out to be another Hubbard.

kevin said...

Tindall has managed to distance himself from 'the w/h' somewhat. But anyway, what would actually motivate him to run for the mayoralty?
His media/personal presence is quite low-key, in fact he seems more of a business backroom mover 'n shaker. We know about some of his 'other business' involvements. He would need to be certain all is as it needs/should be in that dept or...

Anonymous said...

I rapidly got sick of returning failed goods and then read a tale of a gas cylinder manufacturer's fight with him. I think Tindall would make an excellent politician.

pdm said...

Surely Tindall will only have to be reminded of the previously well regarded `Cornflake' Hubbard who became Mayor on the labour ticket and crumbled under the weight to make him think twice.