Monday, June 21, 2010

Stunned is my mullet.

In other news, Lewis and Roberts are said to be desperately trying to get a flight to South Africa to try and convince the All Whites keeper to stand for the supercity mayoralty. Godspeed fellas, if you pull it off he has my vote.

Our goal was fantastic despite the off-side. Theirs was what you would expect from a nation of pick pockets and bottom pinchers.

To put this into some perspective, this would be like Iceland qualifying for the Rugby World Cup and holding the All Blacks to a draw.


pdm said...

BB am I right it was the Italians professionalism in conning the ref with their diving that took the sting out of our attack. Fallon was only a shadow of what he had been after the yellow card and he stopped contesting the high balls.

Inventory2 said...

No good them going after Pston BB - whenever he saves a penalty, he dives to the right.

In the meantime, stand by for the announcement of a snap election ...

Gooner said...

pdm, yes you're right.

Lou Taylor said...

The Italians had more Hollywoods than a Wrussel Norman protest.

Anonymous said...

I must admit I'm slightly disappointed we didn't win, that's how good a result that was.

Last week I would've taken 2-0 as a Respectable Result. How far has this team come!

Anonymous said...

To put this into some perspective, this would be like Iceland qualifying for the Rugby World Cup and holding the All Blacks to a draw.

Iceland would have to play incredibly well, and the All Blacks would have to play even more incredibly badly, for a draw to happen.

There would be little credit to the All Whites if Italy played that badly for the draw.


Anonymous said...

If NZ and Paraguay draw, AND Italy-Slovakia draw with the same number of match-goals it could come down to drawing lots for who goes thru. in second.

Would that be supervised by Ernest & Young, or would the word 'Italy' mysteriously be written on every piece of paper in the hat?


DenMT said...

JQP: Of course 'Italy' would be on all the pieces of paper. It is common knowledge that the ref's earpiece last night was not in fact connected to the other match officials, but patched through to Sepp Blatter who was furiously demanding that he do whatever necessary to ensure the diving scum go through and secure the viewership necessary to line FIFAs pockets. Why else would he confuse his whistle for a vuvuzela any time NZ got close to any kind of physical challenge, and ignore the blatant, pathetically embarrassing diving antics of the spaghetti-suckers?

In any case, what a result. History in the making.


Barnsley Bill said...

Den, despite the fact that I think you are probably a little too left for my liking. You are growing on me. Your angry rant in that last comment made me miss home. PM and Adolf should recruit you to vent forth on this blog in my never humble opinion.
A soccer post is coming tonight. Massive night at Barnsley manor, a little more JWB should see me in the right fram of mind to write it.