Friday, June 25, 2010

Out But Not Down

Adolf arose at 0130 and watched the All Whites in black play Paraquay.

I'm not an aficionado but I did play a few school boy games at the age of thirteen so anything I say must be taken as the view of an outsider.

The first half was like watching Geoffrey Boycott at the batting crease and the second half opened with Adam Gilchrist batting.

I thought there were many poor refereeing decisions, most going 'agin' the boys in black. With instant replays available so quickly, surely there must be scope for FIFA to introduce TV referees who can radio instructions to the field ref. If it's good enough for the linesman to call offside then it's good enough for the replay ref to call out some of this ridiculous diving and 'gaming' which goes on. There was one incident where a NZ player clearly was seriously fouled but the ref was blind.

And as for those bloody buzzing bees! The sooner they are banned, the better.

Well done to all the players, coaches, managers and support staff.

A fabulous effort.


Mr Jaggers said...

Diving is a blight on the game.
regretably Blatters head is so far up (well you know the rest) that nothing will be done about it.

My suggestion is a citing system so that it is ealt with after the game by a review panel.

pdm said...

I like you Adolf know bugger all about the finer points of the game. However I thought the (All Black) All Whites missed an opportunity by not getting in the faces of the Paraguayans when they played the ball back. We just stood on hal way and watched.

Agreed re the (All Black) All Whites getting the rough end of the refereeing. When Nelson got his yellow card today it seemed a genuine collision to me with both players going for the ball.

Anonymous said...

"I'm not an officionado..."

Or literate it appears.

PDM, you should be coaching Real Madrid.

Judge Holden

pdm said...

Judge have you ever come onto this blog to make a postive statement which adds value to a thread?

Go on give us all a thrill and say something that isn't critical.

Anonymous said...

I said you should coach Real Madrid. What more do you want?

Judge Holden

Keeping Stock said...

Paraguay only needed a draw today, and that was all they came for. They stacked their midfield and defence, and we were unable to break it down. Sad, but that was the reality.

Take nothing away from the All Whites though; their performances have been truly outstanding for a nation with limited football resources. We should be hugely proud of their efforts.

pdm said...

Judge I have been around a fair while and I recognise sarcasm when I see it and especially when it is directed my way.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Sludge, how's yer bullshitting little teary eyed back bencher getting on today, hey?

BTW spelling is not my forte and for some reason I do not understand, the spell checker did not pick that one up first time round.

BTW when are you going to start your own blog so that I can come along and shit all over your floor each day?

pdm said...

See it wasn't too hard was it Judge?

Try again tomorrow - it could become a habit.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you really should be a soccer coach PDM. Don't be so negative.

Judge Holden

gravedodger said...

I see a lot of common ground adolph, good summation. The All Whites have been inspirational and to a Nation the the socialists have done their best to bring to our knees they have shown a fighting spirit that really takes me back to a more staunch time in our past.
As a doubter of 78th in the world punching above their weight and showing the football world what can be achieved with spirit, guts and determination in an environment that to be honest is financially challenging, I ask forgiveness and unreservedly congratulate Ricky Herbert and his band of brothers for doing us all proud.
Your comments on video review are pertinent and reveal the big gap in the way the sport is run, why is it so obvious to us, the temporary fans.
Offside is a lottery at times and to put that facet to vid ref would be a time consuming interruption to flow of the game but Diving, yellow cards and penalties are often followed by a significant delay in procedings that would have a space for vid review without causing disruption to flow of game.
A significant sanction for the often piss poor acting in the dive, would soon reduce that blight on the game