Sunday, June 20, 2010

Nailing down a coffin with a telephone handset.

This story in stuff

Carter withdraws apology, claims he only did it for the Labour party.

Just when you think Chris Carter might have figured out that shutting his mouth might be a good idea for a week or two.
This story raises a few points.
1. Is Clark still running things from her $500,000 (US) a year job in New York?
2. Is Carter so detached from reality that he needs to call Clark for a moral compass reading?
3. Is Carter so completely over the edge that he cannot see speaking to Jonathan Marshall about anything is perhaps unwise?
4. Have the ambulances been sent to Phil Goffs mansion in middle class clevedon yet to make sure they have a defbrilator charged and ready to go when he reads the story?
5. Is Phil Twyford getting his hopes up again?
6. Can Labour actually fund a byelection?
7. Has he withdrawn the apology after taking advice from Clark?

So what we have is a man who has shown a complete inability to apologise, has no idea that he did anything wrong, made a fool of his leader and is still running to the last leader every time he needs advice.
Chris Carter is the gift that keeps on giving for anybody who still looks back in horror at the last government and I for one hope he does not resign.
Sadly for some of us it has now become impossible for Goff to do nothing, he simply has to force him out of caucus. If Goff survives reading the story he needs to call a meeting with senior caucus colleagues and demand their support to force Carter out.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

And Clark has bought the house next door to build a library for her political and personal memoirs.

Good God,does she think anybody will be in the slightest bit interested?

Inventory2 said...

Carter is a fool. He has no insight into how much he reviles the average New Zealander. Goff MUST sack him for this.

kevin said...

Sunday Star Times... carter is a political version of hotchkin. Can't tell what is right (decent) or wrong (indecent) expenditure. Imagine, we paid him for so many years, enabling him to trough deeply all the way. What a detestible type. Asking clark for tips??? wtf !

KiwiGirl said...

This will be Goff's first real test as the leader.

The Gantt Guy said...

Of course if there is a byelection in Te Atatu, it will be either Phil "nobody loves me" Twyford or Socialist Cindy/My Little Pony Jacinda Adern up against someone the good people of Te Atatu have already rejected on no less than 5 occasions. Here's a question without notice...if there is a byelection, are the Nats obliged to put up perennial loser Tau Henare, or can they put a credible candidate in?

CB said...

Helen has bought the house next door to her in Mt Eden. Is she coming back sooner that we think?

Ratchet said...

You know that Helen's bought that house so she can set up her new consulting firm, catering to rejected reds that refuse to come out of denial and realise that the country just DOESN'T LIKE THEM.

Lucy said...

The sense of 'entitlement' for politicians is still alive and kicking.

Anonymous said...

If Carter gets sacked. What will it be for? Can’t be for troughing. After all he has been sucking of the state tit for years. In carters case 2 tits. Gays get lonely they need a friend with them.
Can’t be for lack of integrity. This is a labour MP . The party that did nothing about Field, Pope
And legalized the steeling of $800,000.
Might have pissed of the central committee. Bad Move. Field got sent to Coventry for doing just that.
The question is. Who controls the central committee Clark and the sisters or Goff?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Answer. YES

Always suspected but now know.


Is Clark's marriage a convenient charade?