Monday, June 28, 2010

I am going to bed

4-1. And on comes Heskey. That says it all.
No point complaining about the goal that was not given, comprehensively outplayed, outpaced and out thought.
One positive, I get to go to bed at a normal time a lot earlier in this tournament than in previous failed years.

The crushing disapointment is not quite so bad this time around. They never looked like it.
No quality ball delivered and despite my decade long moaning about David Beckham. We really needed the squeaky voiced one this time. The amount of ball being sprayed around like a mad ladies piss has been the most disappointing aspect, well that and the lumpen slowness of the defenders.


DenMT said...

An excellent match, Germany delivered some of the finest football yet seen at the World Cup. England had some of the loosest, least well-drilled defence I've seen out of any of the teams and Germany exploited that ruthlessly. No excuses, and a lot of the blame HAS to be laid at the feet of Capello.

Bring on the Argentina/Mexico!


pdm said...

Sirens in Nunhead London BB. I worry about bodies hanging from railway bridges tomorrow.

MrTips said...

the entire game had an uncanny resemblance to the 1966 final, including cross bar shots, this time the other way round for the result

Barnsley Bill said...

The Germans were clinical, a real pleasure to watch I imagine if it is not your team being comprehensively shown up as donkeys.

Inventory2 said...

Two appalling refereeing decisions this morning; Lampard's non-goal, and the offside in Argentina's first goal. When is FIFA going to start using replay technology to eliminate such crap from the game? FIFA being FIFA; not anytime soon.

pdm said...

Inv2 - not while Sepp Blatter rules.

Anonymous said...

It's the Nike Curse. Cannavaro, Ribery and now Rooney. Cactus' boyfriend is next. Put the house on Spain. All kinda spooky in a sort of life imitating art kinda way.


big bruv said...

Did you honestly think the result was ever going to be anything other than a win to Germany?

Anonymous said...

The box-heads are looking good to win the whole show I reckon.

Barnsley Bill said...

Big Bruv, the heart rules the head where my England football team are concerned. Despite all the nostrablogger warnings and the woefull group play I expected. As England always does.
This was the worst performance by an England team I have ever witnessed.
JQP. If you are picking Spain I suggest everybody puts all their money somewhere else. You owe me more money than Bill Gates and Warren Buffet have in the bank. All owed via mug punts.
Two words for you chumpy.
Argentina are looking very good. I can live with that because my England will pull a gajillion barrels of oil out of the south atlantic in the next fifty years and they can do nothing about it. We may even make some of it reach the tankers.

Anonymous said...

I meant Spain to beat Portugal BB, not go all the way. They choke as often as England.

I forgot to add Drogba to that list too.