Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hit And Rudd

It looks as though the Boy Prime Minister is about to become a has been baritone as he heads for his inevitable walk to the forum.

The ALP is pretty good at slicing the gonads off non performers and the little blond headed, yellow bellied Rudlet will go down in history as being the only Australian Prime Minister ever to fail even to survive for one term.

A fitting end for the short arsed, blond headed, nose picking, wax eating, bullshit artist who turned out to be Australia's biggest fraud in history, beating even Christopher Skase.


alex Masterley said...

That was quick!

Anonymous said...

Christ Labour are scum.

immediately accused Mr Rudd of "running scared" from an election... "he bottled, they wowser"

Rudd is following the Gordon Brown playbook of how to lose elections and fuck over the country.

Meanwhile: The Federal Opposition Leader Tony crossed the finish line of a gruelling ironman competition at Port Macquarie, NSW.

Christ NZ needs a Tony Abbott govt now.

He's promising to do all the things Key hasn't got the guts to do:
* stop the emissions trading scam
* finally stop the spend & spend state Labour govts
* finish the job from howard - wipe out the unions.
* proper corruption commission inquiry into labour

Tony Abbott. Kicking heads since 1972. About to be Aussie's next great PM