Monday, June 28, 2010

Goff's denial sad to watch

I feel sorry for Phil Goff and his family.

They are going through a tough time, and one that is regrettably too common for many NZ families.

It was also regrettable that his daughter's problem became news, but in this day and age, the families of leading politicians are increasingly used for generating both positive and negative news stories.

What I can not fathom is Phil Goff's statement to the media that he denied his daughter had used drugs before being caught with ecstasy.

Goff should have simply said "I will always support my daughter whenever she needs help, and this is such a time. I would now ask for privacy for our family."

By making such a naive sounding denial that his daughter had never used drugs before, Goff has successfully turned the issue onto himself - precisely how gullible is Goff?

It was sad to watch because what could have just been one day's bad publicity in the Sunday Star-Times has now become two days bad publicity.


Anonymous said...

Asolutely hopeless. What a clueless leader of a pathetic opposition. The ACT party are the only genuine opposition to the Maori/National government.

pdm said...

He obviously hasn't even thought about the fact that if she has the pills she also has a supplier. That probably makes her only one or two steps away from being in the same position as Millie Elder.

Inventory2 said...

He also hasn't thought of the other aspect. If she was in possession of drugs which she did not intend to use, she must therefore have intended to give them to someone else which constitutes supply, a more serious offence.


I see Granny today has had a second bite of the story quoting some expert saying parents are always in denial.

kevin said...

Gullible? More like 'not credible'. Not a nice place for him to be but...

Murray said...

Just ask yourself what would we be looking at if it was Keys daughter.

There goes the sympathy.

The Gantt Guy said...

Murray, are you trying to suggest the uproar would be any less were it Key's daughter caught in possession of ecstasy? If so, I think you're wrong. First, I don't think Key's minders would allow him to cock up the response quite so badly, but even if he did, I think you'd find pretty similar commentary from the "right" of the blogosphere. The difference would, of course, come from Liarbore's paid lap-bloggers at The Stranded and Red Alert, where there would be an outbreak of apoplexy.

DenMT said...

The only thing remotely close to a story in any of this is Goff's comments on the matter, even those being extremely tenuous in news-worthy content.

There is clearly a (totally unsurprising) lack of any knowledge of drug culture within the right-wing blogosphere - first off, 4 pills over the course of a night is not asking for an overdose - four pills over the course of a festival is entirely feasible. The closest she could be to a 'supplier' is carrying pills for mates - most likely scenario is that her and her mates bought some pills and she took them in for them. Hardly the crime of the century.


FijiDave said...

I wouldn't wish Goff's predicament on my worst enemy.

Goff is definately not my favourite bloke, but sink the boot in while he's down is a bit rough.

Just another example of the agony parents throughout the country go through when their idiot know-it-all brats go off the rails before they're old enough to know which way is up.

I say let Goff get on with dealing with it in the best way he can, without sniping from the sidelines.

DenMT said...

FijiDave: The mere fact that quite a few folks in the blogosphere are trying to lay responsibility for the behaviour of Goff's 25 year-old daughter at his feet is a bit odd. These are the same people who normally would be complaining at the Nanny-State-ish nature of New Zealand.

At some point you have to cut the apron strings. At some point, kids are responsible for their own fuck-ups, and in my world that happens a long time before your 25th birthday.