Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Goff Finds His Backbone, Carter Finds His Brains.......

.............or at least a small part of them.

Chris Carter

Carter appears to have blinked first and decided to stay away from parliament. Of course, to use the term beloved of Labour, this is a gigantic flip flop on his part.

Only last week, he was acting just as you'd expect a petulant poofter to in proclaiming that he would be coming back to Parliament today - in direct contravention of his leader's instructions. Adolf reckons Goff probably told him that if he stuck his ugly mug anywhere near Wellington today or any other day this week he could expect a special caucus meeting to deal with a motion for expulsion.

If Goff plays his cards well he might come out of this with his reputation enhanced.

God knows, he needs to.


Inventory2 said...

I disagree Adolf. I think that Goff has won this battle, but knows that he won't win the war, even though he's bought himself time. There are too many Clark loyallists in the Labour caucus for him just to give Carter the flick.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing as ugly as a old turd herder trougher
sorry folks im just a old ugly trougher hater

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or does he look like an AIDS patient in that picture?

Anonymous said...

As Stuff put it:

Mr Carter's long-time partner, Peter Kaiser, is the electorate chairman in Te Atatu.

Labour. Corrupt.

None of them should be in parliament or anywhere near it. All of them should be in jail.