Thursday, June 24, 2010

Firing Blanks

I watched that useless drone Mallard today, as he lingered over every syllable in his ponderous, pendulous, jowl quivering, shoulder drooping pursuit of Chris Finlayson.

sums up Mallard beautifully:-

"Carter’s petulant performance underlined how several former Labour Ministers have lost little of the arrogance which went so far to destroy the party’s electoral chances in 2008. The “holier-than-thou” attitude has also been visible in the personal attacks, first on Key himself by Pete Hodgson, and this week on Chris Finalyson by Trevor Mallard. In firing blanks, rather than bullets, Hodgson and Mallard have succeeded only in demonstrating Labour’s policy poverty, and a nastiness which sours the political climate."

You'd almost think Trevor is after him because he's gay!


Anonymous said...

The only way to get rid of this "nastiness in the political climate" is to get rid of Labour.

Inventory2 said...

What a dork; suggesting that tomorrow be a public holiday if the All Whites won, which we wouldn't know until 4am. Then again, never having run a business, Mallard wouldn't know what an inconvenience it might be.

mawm said...

"Go Labour!" - keep up the 'good' work!

C'mon guys, don't stop them. They are really doing so well at the moment.

KiwiGirl said...

I read an article in a recent Listener (sitting in an outpatient waiting room) about the addiction of politics. It had some good points about what is going on with Jim Anderton, and it seems relevant to what is happening with the Opposition after 9 years in power.
Evidently the addiction to power is as potent as smoking, alcohol and drugs. Makes sense really.

sagenz said...

kiwigirl - good point. I just twigged that Mallard is trying to reinvent himself in the same way Hide did. He wants to be leader but cannot get past the nastiness.
Addicts struggle with reality