Thursday, June 3, 2010

Apologies all round

The Maori Party apparently want the Government to apologise for South Africa once being apartheid.

I must have been asleep in the history class when it was explained how our Government was somehow responsible for the political structure of another country.

Can we expect a South African Government apology to NZ for us still having race based seats?


Anonymous said...

I would also like the government to apologise to all non Maori NZ'ers for being excluded from the Whanau Ora programme.

Murray said...

I'll applogise for them.

Dear Moari Party, I'm sorry you a bunch of useless racist pricks sucking a teat of the kiwi taxpayer and forcing your revisionist history and victim mentallity onto people who would otherwise have the potential to be productive citizens and for your exceedingly low expectations for all people of slightly darker skin to the point where you don't believe they can function or make any decisions for themselves without being helped along like retarded ducklings by everyone elses tax dollar.

I'm really really sorry. K?

Rosalie Crawford said...

They are not excluded:
Facebook: "Whanau Ora Supporters"

Easy enough to follow latest information and get involved as many are.