Thursday, June 24, 2010

50 million sigh with relief. Time for some PG Tips

3.50 a.m, laying on the carpet in an empty house in Kerikeri watching England squeak through with a 1-0 win and the seppos score in the 98th minute to keep the sponsors happy.
England will now probably have to play Germany in the last 16.
Rooney limped off.

I will be at the Kohi Yids for the next game. A bad omen? I have watched England knocked out of every world cup since 1990 with him.

House packed up, hitting the road for Metropolis after a final fry up at the cafe.

Australia may have a Lesbian Welsh PM by the time I hit the bridge.


DenMT said...

The collective sigh of relief from England could be heard all the way over here in Gothenburg. Part of me, the dark part that thrives on schadenfreude, was hoping instead for the splashing sound that would signal a loss to England - hundreds of thousands of distraught Poms charging over the cliffs of Dover in despair.

They played extremely well however, and the matchup against Germany is going to be a thriller - can't wait. Was conversely disappointed not to see Ghana beat Germany yesterday as I really think they deserved a win - monumental heart and some flashes of brilliance in the midfield, let down by very average finishing at the top.

Thoughts ahead of the game tonight - Paraguay will decimate us if we don't focus on defending through the middle, as much as I am keen for an exciting expansive game. We need to duct-tape Rory Fallons arms to his sides for the duration of his spell on the field to convince the ref that he is not intentionally fouling anyone. And I'm waiting to see a goal from a Bertos inpass - his speed up the wing has been impressive but he is getting trapped in the corners. In conclusion, ohpleaseohpleaseohpleaseohplease if there is some kind of God let us win. Ohpleaseohpleaseohplease.


DenMT said...