Thursday, May 27, 2010

You Want Differentiation?

Well, I'll give you differentiation.

It only took Labour two years to move New Zealand into trade deficit territoryand they kept us there for as long as they were in power. Now that the GNACTs are back in the chair it has taken just a year and a half to reverse Labours disastrous legacy of nine years trade deficits.

Funny how the Herald somehow downplayed this glaringly obvious feature. All it could say in its headline was:-

First NZ annual trade surplus since 2002

So please Actoids, let's not have anymore of your fatuous prattle about Labour-Lite.


James said...

Oh so that makes all the socialism all right then does it comrade Dolf?

Anonymous said...

public sector waste is still rampant
sort it and then I will acceded that they are doing a reasonable job, but until the holes in the bucket are plugged and the bucket made smaller, then they are labourlite, and as such treated withthe disdain that all socialists deserve

Anonymous said...

adolf,what has the government got to do with these figures?

big bruv said...

Of course it does James, Adolf's team is winning and that is all that matters to him.

Never mind that we are still borrowing nearly a billion a month.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

You don't know how funny you are.

How much of the borrowing is simply turning over pre-existing debt?

MikeG said...

Don't forget that it's to pay for tax cuts as well Adolf.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon, the gummint has EVERYTHING to do with these figures. By its actions and example it has brought about a change in people's attitude to consumption and spending.

The example set by Clark and Cullen was spend like there's no tomorrow and don't worry about the money.

It is not coincidence that we were in deficit for the whole nine years Labour was in power and have returned to surplus only when a more responsible administration has been installed..

Anonymous said...

The govt. claiming credit for a few years of hard work by Goff and Grosser actually. Recall the ETA with China at all. Not a Nat packagae. They just happened to be at the signing.
Oil exports. Not a Nat. package but lots of work prior to then even being aware.

Three new cars and a couple of TV's and it will be gone again.

NZ Bloggers Union said...


Nick said...

"By its actions and example it has brought about a change in people's attitude to consumption and spending. " (citation needed)

Heine said...

Err, so you are admitting that socialism and big government is the answer Adolf?

You haven't proven anything at all, but you have given us ACT supporters more ammunition.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear Adolf.

The fact there has been a serious global recession so individual consumption in NZ has significantly slowed whilst, fortunately, our primary produce exports continue to be wanted globally might have something to do with it?

You're starting to get very 'dear leader' like in claiming wins for government control of the uncontrollable.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Oh dear, Anon. You just don't get it, do you!

Let me spell it out for you and the rest of your short sighted mates.

.Governments set the scene so that what you call the uncontrollable can be moved one way of the other. It is no coincidence that for the duration of Clark's odious regime the country lived beyond its means.

Similarly it is no coincidence that, encouraged by the new administration, domestic consumption and hence consumable imports have declined significantly.

People's attitudes have changed as they realise they need to retire debt and spend less. From 2000 to 2008 it was spend like there's no tomorrow and just lay it off against the mortgage. That change in attitude most assuredly would NOT have taken place had Labour continued in office - if the spend and tax policies mouthed by Phil the Greek are any guide. People would actually have borrowed to pay the higher taxes - so that they could still have the consumables they wanted. That's what they were actually doing during during the noughties.