Sunday, May 30, 2010

Yes, Well....

...they would have looked a bit stupid, wouldn't they?

If they'd sacked a bloke for telling the truth.


Lou Taylor said...

This just evens up the score a bit after Harawira's white MF comment.
Actually a small step in the right direction for a change.
Well done Haden.

Anonymous said...

The thing he got wrong was that it's 5 not 3.

MrTips said...

still waiting for Haden's evidence
he quotes Billy Bush as a crusader?

whatever, who cares?

considering how crap the blues are, you wouldn't need to be a rocket scientist to think about it....

gravedodger said...

It is IMHO a cart load of male bovine excrement.
There is no large pool of Maori and PI talent in the Crusaders catchment.
When they go outside the catchment to strengthen or bolster stocks they pick the best available and to their credit have given some young men an awsome opportunity.
They have been blessed with some grand home grown talent and have made some inspired recruitments.
Would Norm Berryman, Ron Crib, Casey Laulala,Greg Somerville, Cory Flynn, and many others whose recruitment caused such angst at times gone to the heights they did had they not come to the Crusaders culture. Possibly for some yes, but for others no way.
The Crusaders management systems, Player development and culture is the envy of many thinking rugby people and administrations world wide. Its success attracts some frustration ill considered opinion and outright envy from wannabe critics of that success.
Hadens comments should be taken to the nearest sewerage treatment station where they can be disposed with in a safe and appropriate manner.

Anonymous said...

Where's the proof?

Just because Andy Haden makes a statement doesn't mean it's true. He backed away from actually producing hard evidence to back up his claims.

Actually surprised that people take Haden seriously when he blabbers on to media.

dad4justice said...

Mad McCully and Handbag Haden are made of the same shit plastic.
No wonder NZ is a sick, sad joke!

Blair said...

The proof of the pudding is always in the eating. Look at the Crusaders team. It's pretty damned white. Haden said something that had a ring of truth to it and everybody is trying to shoot the messenger. Now it could be just some coincidence that the team is so white, but then it might not either. I thought Haden was on the money. That said, who cares? It's just rugby.

pdm said...

I notice no one mentions the Highlanders.

A bit like Cullens `Rich Prick' taunt isn't it.