Sunday, May 23, 2010

Write your future.

Have been trying to contain my excitement about the greatest tournament the world has ever seen.
Beckham getting crocked helped dent my enthusiasm as did Rooneys constant niggles and when the England coach managed to negotiate himself a 2 year extension just last week it made me think he knows something the rest of us don't and England do not have a shot.
But then came along this clip which has with one viewing rekindled the most enduring love affair of my life.
You Kiwis can get all moist about Rugby but the only thing left for me in Rugby after watching Lorenzo and his boys lift the cup in 2003 is the immense joy I get watching your lot of chocolate soldiers cock it up every four years.

The Focus soundtrack is perfect.
Risking excommunication I shall post regularly over the next few weeks with the theme being football and England.
Oh, and I hope the All Whites pick up a point or two along the way.


Inventory2 said...

I turned 11 in 1966; this year I turn 55. It's a long time between drinks for the English ...

Barnsley Bill said...

I was feeling supremely confident until a month or two ago.

Lou Taylor said...

It's been "one world cup and two world wars" for as long as I can remember.

Anonymous said...

The NZ Herald states that the All Whites play Australia who are ranked 58 places ahead of them. How can that be, when there are 24 teams in the World Cup?


James Stephenson said...

Inv2 - like the AB's we can only win World Cups on home soil..

I must admit, I'm feeling the old baseless optimism of the England football fan seeping into my bones from somewhere.

Barnsley Bill said...

The ranking system is not linked to the world cup. In much the same way that the IRB continuously put out ranking with the AB's at number 1 Fifa have a rolling table factoring in rankings based on results between the 150 or sio countries that play the game.
The IRB rankings should be much easier to compute with only a dozen countries playing above the standard of a pub team but yet they still manage to rank a team that barely made 8th place at the last world cup right up the top. Go figure?
James. it is some sort of species pull that makes us get that longing in the chest. In much the same way lemmings operate.

I feel a Michael caine post coming on.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the explanation on the rankings.

In knock-out competitions, rankings and seedings only get the better competitors into a reasonable line-up, and there will always be upsets. That is the glory of competition. The pattern of the All Blacks is no longer one of upset, but serious deficiency in the approach to the game.

In football,where is Australia ranked? And NZ is ranked 58 below that?

If the World Cup is the First Division of football world wide, does a ranking of below 60 indicate any more than an extreme "wild card" opportunity at the expense of dozens of more worthy competitors?

Football squandered the enormous goodwill of 1982 to embed the game into NZ's psyche.