Tuesday, May 25, 2010

World cup 2010. Update 2, with bonus Michael Caine.

Four teams, three continents, two venues.
The MCG should never be used for the beautiful game, for a start with the best will in the world it is a struggle to call it that when Australia play New Zealand. All the ugliness last night was delivered by the ockers. Filthy flying boots was the only answer to a complete dominance by NZ in the first half and but for the fickle finger of fate they could have been 3 up. The game ended with a last touch goal to the home side allowing them some much needed face saving.
On the other side of the world the game was again dominated by the Australians. On the site of what was once the greatest temple to football the world has ever seen the Australians managed to pick the pockets of the English and deliver them what is a fantastic but soulless stadium and it surrounds a pitch that will end careers.
England won well , the coach mouthed the usual faux grumbles about the boys not trying hard enough but I think he will be reasonably pleased with a solid 90 minute performance, Rooney got through the full game with nothing more than a sore neck, an ailment that is completely understandable when you take into consideration the giant potato of a head that his neck is forced to support.
The all Whites aquitted themselves well last night, if they can put 90 (or 93) minutes in then they may well embarass their betters over the next few weeks.
The excitement is building....


Barnsley Bill said...

Some of you may have noticed that I am unable to give good comma when posting about football. I would apologise but we both know that it would be insincere.

Gooner said...

If the All Whites want to do well in SA then they must learn to hang on to the ball for longer than 3-4 passes. I counted last night, at least for the second half, and Australia consistently strung in excess of 10 passes together when they had possession; whereas we hardly broke 5-6 each time. That must change or if we give the ball to South Americans for 75% of the game we will concede goals.

John Q Public said...

I'm certain it was a) the 95th minute, when the sign said 3 stoppage minutes, and b) there was a man clearly offside to the right of play when the third was scored. Other than that, I do realise it was a friendly, so won't bitch too much, as it wasn't a bad game all in all. Agree with Gooner too.

DenMT said...

Keep up the commentary BB - I usually only check in on the odd occasion but will make it a bit more regular given that there are two posters (Gooner as well of course) who are passionate and (hopefully) clued-up on the game.

Being based in Sweden, naturally I follow the top league here (Allsvenskan) as well as the EPL, Serie A, and Bundesliga. Sweden's unfortunate demise at the hands of Denmark in qualifying has meant that I have been able to convince a bunch of my football buddies to swing in behind NZ.

My own thoughts on the game last night are that the ref's justification for holding fire on the red card (that it was a friendly) was ridiculous - his function of controlling the level of aggression in the game has taken out one of the best players in the squad, and I'm still bloody ropable about it. That said, the formation is working well and the AWs look solid under the long ball, however less long-odds chancing and better control through the midfield will see us right. Still very uncertain we will make it past the first round.


(PS, this was alliterative poetry)

"Filthy flying boots was the only answer to a complete dominance by NZ in the first half and but for the fickle finger of fate they could have been 3 up."