Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Woo Hoo

The dairy pay out for this season has been boosted to $7.00 and may go as high as $8.00.

That means we don't need John's Key Tee Ess to raise tax revenue.

All he and Blenglish have to do is make sure the cockies pay their 28% tax on these windfall profits and he'll have an extra billion of revenue.

Simple see? But they buggered it up by not clamping down on tax free capital gains.


Anonymous said...

oh fuck the capital gains tax.
I've started 5 businesses from scratch so far. Created over 60 jobs and took buggerall while I did it.
So fuck you if the pay out I get is tax free as I reckon I deserve it for all the hard work and shit I had to go through to achieve building a business(es) and then selling it.

Anonymous said...

The $7-8 relates to next season Adolf. For this current season paid through to Sept 2010 its still looking like $6.45 + dividends of 20-30 cents.

THe adavnce pay for next season is 4.30 kg (better than the advance for this season which was 2.90)

So very good news but won't be farmers pockets for a wee while yet.

(Payout season runs from June one year through to October the next year)


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Yes Jimmie. Thanks for that - I did understand but did not make it clear.

Anon, well boo bloody hoo to you.

They can't have been much good if they could not provide you with a living. If the business would not generate an income why the hell would anyone buy it?

Oh of course I should have realised. The 'income' was maybe all cash under the til?

Find another sucker to cry crocodile tears.

Anonymous said...

Adolf you dick. Most businesses started by kiwis always have slow starts for personal income.You usually have to plough it all back in for growth as the fucking banks dont help.
The last one I sold my income was $350 k pa. I sold it for 5 times that and paid cash for my Herne Bay house.
No boo hoo here, just smiling at how little you actually fucking know.

Anonymous said...

I always thought in most jurisdictions with a CGT regime, it's only payable upon disposal of the asset, but not if disposal is being transferred into another higher value asset of the same type? Therefore if you're a long term investor (as opposed to a speculator) you only ever pay this tax once, like when you're dead and your estates being settled? Am I wrong? If not, then what problem do people have with CGT, particularly when it would inevitably exclude any family home? I say have 28% CGT and slash the income tax rates again, down towards 10ish. At the same time, allow for losses to be deductible, as they can;t one without the other.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

No dick, anonymous, just checking on a bullshit artist who claimed to have started up five businesses but received NO INCOMEN from them.

So what's your next claim to fame?

Anonymous said...
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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anonymous dick, your comment has been removed for breach of house rules.

'Bugger all' now appears to mean $340k per year in your lexicon, does it?

Careful how you reply, now!