Tuesday, May 25, 2010

When and how?

According to the yellow CPI line our core state spending should now be around $40billion instead of the budgeted $64.7billion.
If we aren't going to use the current global financial mess to sort out Labour's rampant spending spree, then when and how are we going to do it?
I don't see the world situation improving anytime soon.
Trying to sort this out over the next 10 years on the back of growth, which appears to be National's plan, seems a high risk venture.
The other solution is to push the yellow line up by inflation.
This is the easy, no pain solution for the State.
Big government loves inflation, it helps cover their tracks.
Shame about people's capital though.
Just remember that this shambles was 110% Clark and Cullen's fault.
That's why Goff's ravings are now even more meaningless. He would be better off apologising.
Before someone takes that big red wedge above and sticks it somewhere the sun doesn't shine.

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Anonymous said...

We only need to halve govt. spending in real terms.

Health. Welfare. Education.

pick one.

then pick another one and halve it.

Oh - and note that this doesn't pay for any tax cuts at all - just balancing the budget on current revenues.

But let's be honest: cutting waste, killing quangos - and especially doing John Key nothing won't address anything.