Monday, May 31, 2010

Wait For This To Hit The Opinion Polls

I never thought I'd ever hear from any Labour cabinet minister such an appalling statement as this:-

" we really think those New Zealand troops in Afghanistan are going to make a world of difference to the final outcome there?

"No, we don't.

But it's not from a Labour minister. It's from my own party's sorry excuse for intelligence, Dr Nick Smith, whose mouth exceeds the capacity of his brain.

Environment Minister Nick Smith played the trump card. Photo /  Mark Mitchell

What the hell does he think the parents, wives and children of the seventy-one members of the SAS serving in Afghanistan think now?

What the hell does he think ordinary hard working New Zealanders think of an arsehole who would send young men and women into harm's way to serve their country when he doesn't think they will make a difference anyway?

Someone should tell this despicable fool that General McCrystall seems to think these specialist elite troops will make a difference.


Anonymous said...

surely to god the time has come for Key to sack this lunatic. he is a disgrace to the national party, a disgrace to the government, a disgrace to parliament, and a disgrace to New Zealand

Murray said...

Nick the Dick.

Put him on a plane and drop him off in the sandbox for a chat with the guys if thats his bloody attitude.

One of the good things about serving in a constitutional monarchy is that your real boss who make an oath to comes from a miltary family including her husband, children and grandchildren.

One of the really bloody annoying things its that civilian wankers who won a popularity contest get to open their pig ignorant yaps about things they clearly have no grasp of.

Shane Pleasance said...

What a tool.

Anonymous said...

Did someone from the UN catch Nick Smith getting romantic with a goat or something?

There are few other explanations for him obeying a direction to completely wreck the NZ economy and send tax money overseas.

As for likening our armed services in Afghanistan being a gesture about doing our bit but it not making a difference to the outcome. Its an insult to the services and the wives who struggle on alone at home.

Rename the clown the Minister of Futile Gestures. That will cover climate taxes as well.


Anonymous said...

Smith is completely insane.

What an offense to the fighting soldiers and their families. Smith is a moron that deserves to be sacked forerightly.

What's Key waiting?

mawm said...

He just got his lines mixed up. I found the scrap of paper he was supposed to read from.....

" we really think the ETS is going to make a world of difference to the final outcome?

"No, we don't. "

There you, I can't see what the fuss is all about.

Anonymous said...

Smith is an imbecile. A total disgrace to the National Party.

Anonymous said...

The piece of shit would be much improved with a new asshole in the middle of his forehead .

dad4justice said...

Oh look it’s Nick Smith the not so clever poster boy for psychotropic medications.

Anonymous said...

I think the battle Comrade Smith meant was Verdun, Germany v France, where the Hun's battle plan was to bleed France white. Smith's intention is to bleed us white and turn us all into dutiful communists just like that Australian arsehole Norman who walked past my window on the Terrace today and if it wasn't so cold due to no global warming in Wellington I would have been tempted to throw my coffee cup at him. God help the low and humble income earners in NZ and I don't mean the ones receiving handouts from the GOVT.

Sally said...

Hope you don't mind Adolf but I have copied your blog and forwarded it to Smith, telling him to read the comments. Cc it to Key and English

Nat No More said...

Quite right, he is a dispicable fool. Why is it that the only metaphors appropriate for this government are becoming increasingly inappropriate for polite company?

The national party is increasingly becoming leprous here in the south. More & more people are throwing their 40 foot barge poles away. I predict that it will become difficult for a monkey to get (re)elected in Clutha/Southland.

Anonymous said...

Sally, Key and Smith read this blog anyway, or their staff do, I bet you.