Monday, May 24, 2010

That's it, Straw. Camel. Back. Broken.

Following up from the post below:

"The question is for a household, are they prepared to pay $3 a week for the insurance premium of our environment and I think the answer to that is yes," he told TVNZ's Breakfast."

John Key. Not for me mate. I am hopping off the smile and wave magical mystery bus. You can give me tax cuts, you can promise to slash and burn the non jobs in the public service. Fuck, you can even promise to drag Clark back in chains and put her next to Cullen in public stocks for us all to fling shit at. But never again will I vote for a person who can sit there and spout absolute gobshite like that.

Insurance premium? You are having a laugh mate. At least I hope you are because if this is not a laugh that can only mean you are shitting in our faces in the exact same way that the last lot did.

Where is this "insurance premium" going? Towards building a big dome over the whole country to protect us from all that evil carbon? Or to fund the SAS to blow up every coal fired power station in China? Or perhaps to build us a humungous rocket ship to fly to new worlds where we can all live in a time where people who dream of becoming vacuous empty politicians are drowned at birth.

Where is the critical analysis in the MSM?
Forget whether you believe in climate change or not. That is completely beside the point. What exactly is this extra tax going to do?


Budgieboy said...

I didn’t see it but it infuriates me to think of him talking that crap.

He KNOWS that the 'Insurance Premium' isn't going to make five eights of fuck all difference to anything anywhere anytime. (Except fuck up and already fragile economy)

Whatever is driving this lunacy needs to be exposed and stopped.

The Nats seem to think that by pissing off their core constituency that they have nothing to lose. They assume that most of us don’t want a Liabour Govt back and that’s true. Maybe they just assume that the hard core will head for ACT (if they haven’t already) in which they get to utilise their votes in a coalition anyway.

I don’t think they realise how much a die in the ditch issue this is for so many of their voters. He maybe right in that he does not need fear losing them to the left or to the right… he needs to fear that many will simply stay home in disgust and if enough of them do, he’ll be a one term wonder… and it’ll serve him (and that loathsome piece of excrement Nick Smith) dead bloody right.

Barnsley Bill said...

It is utter crap. The thing is if he got on the telly and gave a credible explanation he would probably take most of the country with him.

Anonymous said...

Key is a moron, a lazy moron at that.
To let Smith drive his Green Party agenda at the expense of the NZ economy is utterly criminal, and shows the PM's total disregard for the common citizen.

The Tories deserve a better leader than this week fool called Key.

Psycho Milt said...

What exactly is this extra tax going to do?

The purpose?

1. Convince people that they're now doing their bit for the environment and we can all continue happily with business as usual, with grateful thanks (and votes)to our heroic leadership.

2. Give Key a stick to beat other countries' leaders with.

3. Build a whole new speculative finance rip-off bubble that won't explode in our faces til long after Key's left power.

ie, from his POV it's all win.

Barnsley Bill said...

The only country our leaders have tried to beat with a stick since we sucked off the french in gratitude for sinking a gypsy boat is..... Fiji.
Remind me again how successfull that has been?
Here is what happened (probably). Market research (probably carried out by Mr Farrars Orcs) determined that the public were a bit anxious over Labours claims that the Nats were baby eating polluters. So they decided to gut the Labour policy while leaving the big cash grab installed. Therefore neutralising the lunatic left and creating a massive lump of cash to give to the tribes to plant trees.

Gooner said...

Depends why you're in politics Milt - for the good of the country or for the good of the National Party.

Barnsley Bill said...

Gooner. I don't think John key would be able to make any distinction between the two. I don't believe there is any underhand sneakery at play. I just think he is a bit thick, which I know is a big call when considering our relative net worth.

The Silent Majority said...

Barnsley Bill
I don't think Key is thick at all. He became a believer after watching Al's movie. And he thinks he has to pay foresters for trees that were planted back in the day when carbon dioxide was thought of as a life giving force and no-one had ever thought of paying foresters for carbon sequestering. ALL of his other reasons are spin. And the foresters are rubbing their hands in glee.

Gooner said...

Barnsley, Key is a politician now. He is no longer an ex trader or good Kiwi bloke. He speaks with forked tongues. He knows that $3,000,000.00 per week wouldn't make a blip on the climate radar, but if there's a vote in it he'll say it. He's like all of them. I will never be one because of this. I would just say "this is shit and I'm not voting for it", and then I'd be out on my arse.

Mort said...

welcome to reality land, this is the latest spindoctoring one liner, trying to justify theft from the populace based on corrupt science.
Why has Key become a Socialist lickspittle? Who are his wife's friends, associates and confidantes? Could it be the same merry little band of actresses who railed for him to go to Conpenhaggle?
So this "insurance" (note its not 'assurance')is going to caost us $3 per week this week, what will it be next week/month/year/decade?

Insurance in this country was an opt in scenario, so can we opt out of this policy?