Monday, May 24, 2010

That would keep the home invaders out.

I saw the HMS Illustrious final defence system - Goalkeeper on Richard Hammond's engineering programme on BBC last night. One for Whale and Not PC. Wiki describes it as
Goalkeeper is a Dutchclose-in weapon system< (CIWS), which defends shipsagainst incoming missiles and ballistic shells. This system consists of an autocannon and an advanced radar which tracks incoming fire, determines its trajectory, then aims the gun and fires; all in only a matter of seconds. The system is fully automatic, needing no human input once activated.
The system's reaction time to a Mach 2 sea-skimming missile like the Russian SS-N-22 Sunburn from automatic detection to kill is reported to be 5.5 seconds with the firing synchronised to start the engagement at a range of 1,500 m and ending with a kill at 300 m.
Youtube demonstrates


PM of NZ said...

If that system ever engages, then it is too late to consider bending over and kissing it goodbye.

Anonymous said...

What's the N for? Sorry but by the time Goalkeeper fires, 120kt of lovely fusion has melted both ship and gun to slag. Unlike the yanks, the Russian Navy doesn't fuck about and all thier ships are nuke-ready