Friday, May 28, 2010

A startling discovery

A team from the University of Otago, Wellington and Whakauae Research for Maori Health and Development said that by marketing female-oriented cigarette brand names like "Vogue Bleue" and "Topaz" with feminine colours, packaging and extra-slim cigarettes, companies were appealing to women smokers.

How many hundreds of thousands of taxpayer's dollars have been sunk into this amazing discovery?
Is this finally the elusive break through they have been searching for?

But have they considered that gay men may also find these brands appealing?
Or is that burning question for another study?

1 comment:

Falafulu Fisi said...

Fucking useless research. When university science & technology departments around the country are crying out that their R&D funding have been severely cut, came that useless research such as the one mentioned from Otago University perhaps from sociology department. It is time to chop these university useless departments and divert the money into useful researches.

These type of researchers are the ones who are advising our policy makers & politicians with useless & bullshit findings like this one. I say kill these bullshit departments.