Saturday, May 29, 2010

Okay so what are our four best posts?

Pablo has been agonising on whether he should enter Kiwipolitico in the REAL blogging awards. I have been wondering which posts we should use to enter NoMinister. Thoughts people? We have until midnight 31 May. The comment from NZBU to Pablo is classic.


Jesus Christ. You’ve spent longer analysing the whole venture and in effect promoting yourself which in that time you could have gone back, cut and pasted 4 simple links and sent them to my email address.

I haven’t asked for your first born child, just to simply enter a competition.



Pablo said...


You might have more honestly pointed out all of the flaws in the alternative blogging awards competition that I outlined in my response to NZBU.

Plus, I was not "agonising" over whether to enter or not--I was just bored on a Singaporean Friday night.

As far as NM is concerned--you have written a few good posts, Psycho is usually good value, Gooner has some decent conservative view points, and the veteran wakes up enough to spin a military-themed yarn or two. BB sometimes has a nice populist fervor. But the unmitigated racism and misogyny of Hitler's namesake and the partisan dribble of 'ole Lou detract from the quality of your posts. On the other hand, at least you got rid of that Fairfacts Media weirdo.

All in all, a mixed bag of conservative/reactionary opinion, with you and Milt holding up the high end of the net and the rest trolling for KG, RB and the other bottom feeders.

Lou Taylor said...

You obviously take blogging far too seriously. I suggest you combine some sex and travel on your next quiet night in Singapore.

Inventory2 said...

I pity whoever has to go through FFM's many and varied offerings just in case there is a diamond in the rough. Counselling may be called for ...

Oswald Bastable said...

It's a bit of fun- I just picked four typical posts for the hell of it.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Pablo, if you're going to come here and sling shit at your blog hosts, you might at least learn the language. The word you are looking for is 'drivel.'

Sam said...

He is very accurate in his description of the hosts though.

I wouldn't quite put Adolph at KG/RB stage yet though, thats a bit harsh.

Lou Taylor said...

Actually Pablo,I may have been a bit unkind to you above.
Now that I know that your blog exists I must say that I am impressed with your brilliant academic ability.
Just a word of advice though.
Like all good academics you have the ability to say fuck all in a very long winded way. Your book sounds like a rivetting work but I suspect that by the time you finish it , it will be so out of date and irrelevent that you will probably sadly reflect that it was a complete waste of your apparently precious time.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Oh dear, just another leftie troll.

Gooner said...

Sage, there are 1,500 posts for 2009. Feel free to find the best four.

Pablo said...

I see that you deleted your subsequent ad hominum post abut me, which was polite of you. In mentioning bottom feeders I was not referring to you but some of the more rabid NM readers. My objection to you is just one of partisanship. I have the same objection to the Standard--see no evil on their side, see all evil on yours.

What I should not have said was that "the rest" of the NM collective were trolling for bottom feeders. Adolf appears to do that from time to time, but in fact the trolls surface as much on PM's posts as yours.

My apologies for painting all of you with that broad brush.

As for the alternative blog awards, I think that Gooner has a point. How are you going to pick 4 out of 1500 posts? KP has only +/- 400 posts for 2009 and that is already too much. Plus, I believe that nominations should be made by third parties rather than the bloggers themselves, with the nominators supplying the four representative posts.

Which is part of why I am of two minds on entering KP in the competition.

KG said...

Bawaaahaha! Pablo whines that a comment is an ad hominum and then goes on to fling a number of ad hominum insults!
Another leftoid slimeball, blind to irony and hypocrisy.

KG said...

"We share environmentalist, and centre-left/left-of-centre perspectives and values as well as an abiding interest in public policy and the political process. Within this broad frame, we are very diverse..."

Oh yes, indeed...
You left out public onanism, Pablo. ;)

Anonymous said...

Bwahahahaha KG whines that Pablo whines about ad hominem attacks and then engages in ad hominem attacks and then engages in an ad hominem attack.

Mind you if anyone knows anything about hurling abuse in place of argument it's KG. Good to hear you're leaving the country BTW. Gotta date?

Judge Holden

sagenz said...

Gooner - I was trying for the fine art of delegation. Any takers

David P said...

Mind you if anyone knows anything about hurling abuse in place of argument it's KG. Good to hear you're leaving the country BTW. Gotta date?

It's probably just another remark he has pulled out of his keister. The hilarious thing is he thinks he can immigrate to the US!!Not a chance for so many reasons.