Sunday, May 23, 2010

Navtej Singh bleeds to death, cop in charge punished with a promotion.

Read this story on Stuff.
The IPCA found a catalogue of errors in the way the liquor store shooting was handled by the cops.
They refused to allow ambulance officers inside. The guns were locked in the boot. The keys were back at the station. One winner put his kevlar jacket on back to front. A catalogue of stupidity, incompetence and what would be high farce were it not for the fact a man bled to death.
The cops did not shoot this man and those that did have been found guilty and have begun their punishment. But I find it astonioshing that the cop in charge at the scene has now been made an inspector.
Of course the Police have refused to accept the findings of the IPCA, which in itself is amazing because they certainly do not have a reputation for impartiality when reporting anything that might get somebody a slapping.

The last few lines of the stuff story is scary ;
"Police superintendent Kelvin Powell, manager of the police's northern communications centre, said police were satisfied that Rutene was appropriately appointed and promoted.

He had applied for a nationally advertised vacancy and was considered to be the best applicant."



Anonymous said...

Well at least he won't be called out to another incident where he will fail the victims, but one is left wondering what his general competency is and that of the police as well.

Someone once said that most people are promoted above their level of competency.

Barnsley Bill said...

My inderstanding from the newspaper report is that he is now in overall control of the office/ centre that deals with urgent response!

pdm said...

May be he was the only one who applied.

Anonymous said...

Remind me. Is the Kelvin Powell who decided someone was competent, the same Kelvin Powell described in the article below?